10 Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas


Thanksgiving is almost here, but that's no reason to panic: there's still plenty of time to craft the perfect Thanksgiving dining experience. Turkey aside, you can add to the joy of Thanksgiving with a little DIY decor.

Here are 10 Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Centerpieces you can do yourself:

1. Fall-Inspired Glass Cloche Centerpiece

Better Homes and Gardens featured this simple yet wonderful fall-inspired glass cloche centerpiece. Use a bell jar (a terrarium or a glass cake cover will do, if you don't have a bell jar handy) and a shallow terra-cota bulb dish to create your own display. Mini pumpkins, leaves, and apple or two serve as the fall-inspired decor inside.

2. Candles in a Log

What's better than a centerpiece that takes 5 minutes to make? How about one that takes 5 minutes to make and is free? Jenna Burger of SAS Interiors took a cut tree branch and drilled six 1-1/2" holes about 10" apart in the log. Next, she filled the holes with tea candles and voilà - the centerpiece is ready! Add some mini pumpkins, pine cones and leaves as decorations and you're done! View the DIY instructions over at SAS Interiors

3. Corn and Candle

Light up your Thanksgiving table with this DIY corn and candle display. Better Homes and Gardens tells us how: hot-glue ears of Indian corn around a pillar candle and use twines to tie it all up in one neat package. Or, if you want to go upscale, substitute a satin ribbon for the twine.

4. Maple Leaf Roses

This rosy centerpiece is made from folded maple leaves! The colorful fall bouquet is perfect for a DIY project (best of all, the leaves are free!). All you need are some strings and a bit of patience. It's not as hard as it looks: Kate Hust of Solarpowered Kate blog has the step-by-step instruction on how to create your very own roses out of maple leaves.

5. Carved Pumpkin Light

No Thanksgiving centerpiece is complete without a pumpkin or two, so how about if you kick it up a notch and create this wonderful pumpkin light? German publication Living At Home explains how to create your very own illuminating pumpkin light table decoration: Hollow out the pumpkin from the bottom with an ice cream scoop, draw the vines then carve it out (use a drill for the circles). Lastly, put a battery-powered LED lights inside the pumpkin as the light source.

6. Popcorn Paper Bag Turkey

Don't forget the kids' table! One Charming Party has the instruction on how to create your own popcorn-filled paper bag turkey.

All you need are a large brown grocery bag, two small brown lunch bags, some paper for the frills and, of course, popcorn. This will surely be a hit with the children, though don't be surprised if the adults clamored for their very own piece.

View the instruction over at One Charming Party - via Babble

Photo: Nicole Gerulat | Tutorial: Sara Westbrook

7. Edible Thanksgiving Melon "Turkey"

Jenny Wagner of Examiner explains how to create this simple and delicious edible Thanksgiving centerpiece. All you need are a honeydew melon or a cantaloupe, cubed cheese, grapes, raisins, bell pepper and some bamboo skewers.

8. Little Pinecone Turkey

Jennifer and Jessica of Twin Fibers created these fun and fantastic turkeys out of pinecones. They used acorns as the heads, little pieces of felt for the beaks and wattle, googly eyes and vintage Swistraw ribbon as the tail feathers.

Photo: Twin Fibers/Flickr

9. Rustic Twig Table Runner

Camile Styles shares the instruction on how to create your very own rustic table runner made from twigs in this article over at HGTV. It's amazing what a hot glue gun and some twigs could do!

Photo: Buff Strickland

10. Thanksgiving Grape Centerpiece

"Grape" is probably not probably one of those things that comes to mind when you think about Thanksgiving centerpieces, but as Martha Stewart can tell you: grapes work just fine.

In her November 2003 magazine, Stewart draped dogwood leaves over the edge of a glass bowl and added a cascading arrangement of extra-big black and crimson grapes for a beautiful ... and edible Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Bonus: Fall Beer Bottle Candle Centerpiece

Okay, we're undecided whether this one is merely smart or is actually genius, but since there's beer involved, we're leaning toward the latter. Hannah of Big City Little Joys Blog whipped up the Fall Bottle Centerpiece out of beer bottles, some paint and a bit of twines. Best of all, you get to, ahem, "empty" the bottles before you embark on this DIY project.

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10 Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas