10 Easy Pieces of Holiday Décor You Can Make With Your Kids

Christmastime is fun for adults, but it is a magic time for children. If you’re looking to have a little holiday fun with your little one and want your house to look fantastic in time for the big day, then why not combine the two and make fun decorations with your kiddo? Here are a few great décor ideas that you and your child can enjoy making together.

1. Frozen Tree Ornaments

You can learn to make your own at Red Ted Art.

2. Multi-Colored Ice Spheres

While process is pretty simple, you still should check out Queen Vanna Creations for tips on making these as easily as possible.

3. Ice Lanterns

You can even add food coloring to make brightly colored lanterns to light up your winter walkway.

4. The Bow Wreath

Making wreaths for Christmas is pretty easy, but because it generally involves using sharp wires or hot glue, it’s generally not something you can do with kids. This bow wreath is a refreshing change because you can avoid using either of those. While the tutorial on Design Improvised suggests using hot glue, you can easily make this project kid-friendly by using other craft glues, even Elmers because the bows only need to stick to each other and a straw wreath, all of which are easy enough to glue without a glue gun.

5. The Photo Wreath

All you need are basic scrap booking supplies, a Styrofoam wreath, ribbon and plenty of family photos. You can find a full tutorial to make one of these for yourself on their website.

6. The Christmas Card Wreath

Getting Christmas cards is great, but finding a place to display them can be a bit of a pain. Fortunately, this Craftiness is Not Optional tutorial is there to teach you how to make an adorable card-holding wreath that you and the kids can build together. All you need to make this great wreath are clothes pins, spray paint, beads, ribbon and a wire clothes hanger. You will need a hot glue gun at the end to close the wreath up, but that’s only one small part of the overall project, so the kids can stay very involved in the making of this great decoration.

7. Custom Snow Globes

Kids love the winter flurry of a snow globe, but what makes this project really special is the fact that your little one can actually create their own scene inside the globe. If you can find a large enough jar, you can even use small pieces from a Christmas village to really make it festive. Martha Stewart has all the instructions you need to turn a jar and a few small characters into a special Christmas decoration you will cherish for years to come.

If you want something that looks more professional, you can even find snow globe bases and balls at many craft supply stores. Add a ribbon and a few bells like Martha suggests and you can even make it jingle when you give it a shake.

8. Paper Plate Angels

Whether for your table or your bookcase, these paper plate angels are a simple, beautiful decoration that require nothing more than a paper punch, a knife or scissors and a paper plate. You can even find a simple template on Martha Stewart’s website so all you have to do is print, trace, punch and cut.

9. Hanging Snowflakes

Here’s another simple and beautiful paper craft you and the kids can work on together. Simply buy a photo frame, remove the wood and glass and hot glue or nail some metal binder clips to the top. Then, let the kids make some classic paper snowflakes and just hang them inside the frames. Alternatively, you can tape them to some fishing line and string the line across your wall for a hanging snowflake decoration.

Idea and image courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

10. Christmas Word Garland

With some construction paper, glue sticks and fishing wire, you can make customizable Christmas banners to hang in your home. These are a particularly fun way to add a festive touch to the area above people’s heads without having to deal with your ceilings and light fixtures. The simple process to create these at home can be found at Kidspot.

Know any other great-looking décor ideas you can create with your kids? Share them in the comments.

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10 Easy Pieces of Holiday Décor You Can Make With Your Kids