10 Fantastic Ideas for Disney-Inspired Children’s Rooms

From princesses to pirates and from talking animals to toys that come to life, Disney has fascinated children of the world for almost a century. While most kids are content to have a few Disney-inspired toys and maybe a Buzz Lightyear lamp or a princess wall paper border, some parents really go the extra mile and decorate their children’s room in over-the-top Disney style. Here are a few amazing Disney rooms that pretty much any child would be thrilled to sleep in.

In the Tiki-Tiki-Tiki Tiki Room

A Disney room doesn’t need to be inspired by one of their films; this great Tiki Room designed by HGTV Design Star winner David Bromstad is proof of that. In fact, it’s this room that landed the designer a spot on the reality competition. Unfortunately, animatronic birds aren’t included in the design.

Of course his Finding Nemo room, designed while he was on the program, isn’t too bad either –especially considering the small budget and time allotment he was given to complete the project.

Under the Sea

When it comes to making Disney-themed rooms, the experts at HGTV certainly know what they’re doing. Here is their take on a dream Finding Nemo bedroom. Between the Dory and Marlin mural, the clear glass ornament “bubbles,” the surfboard desk and the giant Crush bed, it’s easy to feel like you just slipped under the waves of an enchanted ocean.

Two Drastically Different Kingdoms

HGTV also worked with Disney to redesign this room that is co-occupied by two little girls. One of the girls is fascinated by princesses, while the other loves the fairies of Tinker Belle’s Pixie Hollow. Rather than just dividing the room in two, the designers instead worked to make it appear as though the princess bed was looking out from a castle bedroom into the distance, where a magical fairy kingdom just happens to be located.

Dreaming of Prince Charming

Many people say their little girl is a princess, but few are willing to provide her with her own royal castle. This princess bedroom comes with a castle, a few royal best friends (Ariel and Cinderella to be precise), fairy helpers along the walls and a lovely view of a second castle.

Impressively, the room actually holds a wet bar that the owner did not want to remove for resale purposes, so the team at Jack and Jill Interiors hid the sliding doors with part of their lovely mural so it could stay in place while staying out of sight.

Bedding Suited for A Princess

If you’re looking for a crib or bed perfect for your little princess, Posh Tots is pretty much the ultimate stop for these sorts of things, but be warned, you might actually need to be royalty to afford these fabulous pieces of furniture. And, as always, happily ever after is sold separately.

The Princess Coach iron crib is perfectly paired with the company’s Fairy Tale Castle Mural which provides a background with a suitable destination for your little Cinderella.

This massive princess coach bed features real gold leaf accents and can be created to accommodate a twin or full size bed.

For a true Cinderella feel, this silk-lined coach bed incorporates natural elements like flowers into the design along with a distinctly pumpkin shape.

When she tires of her coach, you can instead move her into a lovely castle bed, which is best paired with the company’s Fairest Princess of All Mural Wallcovering.

You’ve Got a Friend in Design

The great thing about this Toy Story room by Living Lullaby Designs is that it captures the style and essence of the film without beating you over the head with it. The clouds on the wall are just like the ones Andy had on his bedroom walls. All the toys from the movie (as well as other great Pixar films) appear on the room, but almost always as actual toys, with the exception of the Army soldiers staked out in front of the closet door.

While the Christmas lights across the ceiling might not be from the film, they certainly capture that childhood playfulness that makes the story work. Similarly, the Western-themed rocking chair and pillow might not fit in at first glance, but they seem perfect for a little boy like Andy, whose favorite toy is a pull-string cowboy.

A Private Mouseketeer Club

Your child may not be able to join the Mickey Mouse Club, but he or she can have her own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse if you follow the lead of Notting Hill Interiors Inc., who designed this fabulous loft bed with a Mickey-themed clubhouse underneath.

Curiouser and Curiouser

A great Disney-themed room doesn’t necessarily need to be a bedroom.  This stunning Alice In Wonderland by Schrader and Companies is beautiful. The wall paintings by Luna Murals and furniture play with size perspectives, providing a creative environment where children can let their minds run free.

A Matter of Perspective

While Mytropolis Design doesn’t specifically say this nursery is inspired by Pixie Hollow, it certainly has all the elements of Tinker Belle’s home and Tink even has a tiny wooden house in one of the shelves of the room.

The lovely log crib, which can easily be converted to a bed as the child grows older, is adorned with mushrooms, flowers and vines, giving it a rustic, yet beautiful look and feel. And the large tree in the corner adds to the illusion while also providing storage space that blends in with the overall theme.

Even the door to the nursery reminds the world that this room is a safe place for any little pixies and fairies looking for a comfortable place to take a nap.

The Circus of Dreams

Children visiting Walt Disney World to see what it’s like to fly with Dumbo will be thrilled to stay in this Orlando vacation rental with a fantastical circus-theme based on the world’s favorite flying elephant. The beds are situated to match the curtained circus tent behind them and to the right is a massive mural of a Dumbo’s Flying Circus tent. Along the top of the room, a tiny train travels, presumably carrying the stars of the world’s smallest circus from place to place.

Even if you can’t afford to add in any of these fantasy touches to your children’s room, perhaps they can inspire a little bit of Disney magic in your next redecoration, reminding your loved one that everyone can live happily ever after –even on a budget.

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10 Fantastic Ideas for Disney-Inspired Children’s Rooms