10 More Brilliant Space Savers For Small Homes

Last year we brought you 18 space saving ideas and the article quickly became our second most popular piece of all time. Since that article succeeded so well, we knew you could use another 10 handy ideas to make the most of the space you have.

Lid Organizer

Tired of having lids fall all over the floor whenever you open your cabinet to grab a pan? Then try using a curtain rod to store your lids on the side of your cabinet or even along the back wall of your kitchen.Instructables user trebuchet03 has the instructions you need to do it yourself.

Stepladder Chair

Practically everyone can use a step ladder in their home, but what about those people who don't have anywhere to store it while it's not in use? Resource Furniture has the perfect solution with their Scala Zero -a chair that can unfold into a step ladder.

Foldable Laundry Basket

Some people like to use their laundry baskets as a hamper so it's only make sense to leave it out all the time in order to collect all the clothes as they get dirty. But for those who prefer a dedicated laundry basket, UnHampered is the way to go. When you need it, it's there for you, complete with four handles, a removable divider and a compartment to hold laundry soap. When you don't need it, it folds up so you can tuck it away until your next laundry day.

All-In-One Magazine and Toilet Paper Holder

There are a whole lot of people out there that enjoy reading a magazine while they do their business. It can be hard to find a place to store your magazines if you have a tiny bathroom though. With the Read and Roll though, you can store your reading material and wiping material together in one organized space.

Corner Spice Rack

Two common problems in small kitchens are too little cabinet space and too little counter space. This makes storing things like spices particularly problematic. With this Linus Stadium organizer, you can take advantage of that often underused corner space on your counter, keeping your cupboards and counters freed up.

Pantry Spice Shelf

Alternatively, if you have tall shelves in your cupboards or pantry, this DIY from Family Handyman can show you how to make the most of that extra space with a small shelf that's perfect for storing spices on.

Corner Dish Rack

Again, taking advantage of your corners is a great way to make the most of your space and this corner dish rack helps ensure you can leave your dishes to dry while still leaving you counter space to work with.

Under-Cabinet Knife Drawer

You almost never hear someone complain that their cabinets are too close to their counters and that's a good sign that almost everyone can take advantage of the space just under their cabinets. American Woodworker has a handy tutorial for anyone interested in adding a handy knife drawer to the bottom of their cabinets.

Magnetic Stickers

Adding magnets to things is a great way to store extra kitchen goodies on your fridge, but what about your bathroom or work areas, where you don't have a giant, magnet-friendly surface to attach things to? Instead, try adding these cute stickers where you want to store stuff and then use them to hold up those metal objects you regularly need -like tweezers and nail clippers.

Command Hook Your Baskets

Chances are you have extra space under the sink and in your cabinets that's just not on the bottom where you items all sit. So grab some 3M Command Hooks and some wire baskets and get hanging like I Heart Organizing has done here in her under-sink space.

And don't miss our storage and organization category for even more clever storage solutions.

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10 More Brilliant Space Savers For Small Homes