10 Stunning Pieces of Nature-Inspired Home Decor

The great outdoors are intrinsically relaxing, but most of us can’t make it out to the wilderness on a daily basis. But if you can’t find time to go out and enjoy nature, you can always bring a little nature into your home instead. Here are a few great designs that can make you feel more at one with the great big blue sphere we call Earth.

Forms in Nature

At first glance, this lamp by Hilden & Diaz looks like a giant ball of ceramic thorns delicately hung from the ceiling, but take a step back and you’ll notice the chandelier manages to convert any room where it is placed into a forest of shadows. Like something pulled from the twisted, barren trees of a Tim Burton film, branches stretch and curl across the walls, creating a creepy, but somehow still inviting, natural setting in even the most sterile and dull room.



There’s something about the wilderness that just works well with lighting. That’s particularly true when it comes to the QAANAAQ Lamp by Bleu Nature. The beautiful light is made from a large, knotty group of branches, a lacquered metal base and an unbleached cotton shade –making it about as natural as it comes while still remaining as beautiful and modern as you could ever imagine.

Bird Chandelier

Most of these natural elements focus on flora, but fauna is just as important to our ecosystem and this chandelier by Sebastian Errazuriz shows that it can also be just as beautiful. If you abhor taxidermy, you won’t be a fan of the 50 dead birds adorning the light, but if you’ve always longed for a piece of furniture that balances between a nature scene and a scene from Disneyland’s Tiki Room, this is it.

Planter Table

Best of all, the planter is removable, so if you aren’t having luck growing an in-table herb garden, you can easily switch to a lettuce patch.


If you like the idea of growing plants on table, but don’t want to waste the tabletop space on them, then perhaps this alternative by JAILmake will be more to your liking. The clever design offers a planter at the base of each table leg –all of which use open framework to allow climbing plants to grow up and under your dining room table. It’s a great place to grow beans for your meal, though you can also just accentuate the design with some blooming vines like morning glory instead.

Upside Down

So what do you sit in at a table that grows live plants? You could always try this simple wooden chair made from an upside down willow tree by the designers at Floris Wubben (responsible for the Stripped Lamp and the Living Light) and artist Bauke Fokkema. The tree’s branches were bent, twisted and split into chair legs for a surprisingly traditional looking chair created without any nails, screws, pegs or glue.


Feeling stumped? Well maybe it’s just the woodworking styles of Mth Woodworks. The team’s Bloom furniture shows the natural beauty of wood is best when it is manipulated the least. By using salvaged wood stumps for the base and white resin to create a table top, the team manages to make one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly tables that appear to blossom right before your eyes.

Pebble Carpet

Have a soft spot for the rocky shores of your favorite river or beach? Then head over to the FlussDesign Etsy shop where you can order any variety of felted stone rugs for your home. They come in all shapes and colors and some are even accented with artificial grass and other embellishments to make them look even more realistic. Best of all, the wool will feel a lot better on your bare feet than real pebbles.

Birch Tree Bed

If you dream of dreaming of nature scenes, then perhaps this $15,000 Birch Tree Bed by Rustic Design can help send you to sleep while dreaming of forests of white birch trees.

If you decide to incorporate a little natural style into your home, remember, a little can add a touch of relaxation, but it’s easy to go overboard and turn a modern home with natural touches into a fortress of the wilderness. The idea is to bring a little nature to your home –not to make it look like you live in the middle of the woods.

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10 Stunning Pieces of Nature-Inspired Home Decor