11 Fun Yard & Garden Accessories To Kick Off Your Summer

Summer will be here before you know it, which means barbecues, back yard parties and other good times out in your yard. Whether you have a tiny garden or a acres of open land, these delightful yard and garden accessories are certain to help you make the most of your summer.

The Ferris Wheel Planter

Whether you want a few of your potted plants to stand out from the rest of your garden or you seem to be having a hard time finding space for all the plants you want in your garden, the Ferris wheel planter from Sky Mall can help. The eye-catching plant display stands four feet tall and holds up to eight matching pots.

The Tree Pot

Some people love the look of potted trees, but there’s always the problem that eventually the tree will grow out of its container. Now that problem can be averted with PID’s Tree Pot. The design, made from two identical pieces, can easily be fitted around any mature plant or tree to create the illusion of a potted plant. It even serves as a relaxing tree-side bench.

Via Freshome


Animal lovers know just how cheery the morning song of a beautiful avian can be. That’s why birdhouses make a great addition to any yard –not to mention that birds can help eat a lot of the nasty insects that might otherwise destroy your garden. If you want to encourage your feathered friends to stick around as long as possible, you may want to consider commissioning Extreme Birdhouses to build one of their delightful creations that can only be accurately described as a bird mansion.

On the other hand, Etsy shop Jumahl has the perfect bird houses for migratory birds who simply need a cozy place to rest before they get back on their long journey. These fashionable vintage trailer bird houses come in two basic shapes and an array of colors –Jamahl also sells dog houses in the same style, so if your pooch needs a place to crash in between his many adventures, be sure to check out the shop.


What’s a garden without a good gnome to tend to it? While there are plenty of garden gnome designs out there, we’re particularly fond of those that take a fresh look at these garden residents, like this delightful superhero team created by Instructables user The Papier Boy.

Of course, every superhero needs a villain to fight, so why not invite some living dead to battle your heroic gnomes? This delightful Zombie Gnome from the NeatoShop is just creepy enough to remind the other yard statues to watch their back without scaring your neighbor’s child too bad.

If you like having something a little creepy in your garden, but are over the zombie craze, these skeleton gnomes and their life-sized pooch buddy, available through Sky Mall, are here to brighten your day as you consider their dark demise.

Sometimes the best out-of-place gnome is the least noticeable. This Battle Gnome is designed specifically to sneak up on his potential victims before hammering them in the head. He may be an army of one, but he’s still ready to pillage your entire garden as soon as he gets the chance.


Not much of a gnome fan even when they’re trussed up as Vikings and skeletons? Then maybe you need some Gnome-Be-Gones. These adorable metal gnome removers by Fred Conlon can help ensure your yard remains Euro kitsch free. Be warned though, they also seem to dislike pink flamingos.

Dino of the Day

Plenty of people have lawn sculptures and some of them are even a little kooky, but if you really want your statues to stand out, you can always try following in the footsteps of Reddit user Sarcasticonomist, who decorates his dino statue for every upcoming holiday.  “Dug,” as the t-rex is known, even has his own Facebook page.

Downspout Statue

Most people have gutters, but few people consider how they can make their gutters a little more fun once they reach the ground. Old stone buildings once used gargoyles to spruce up their rain system, but this little bulldog guardian from Sky Mall seems much more appropriate for modern, less-intimidating homes. Of course, if you prefer gargoyles, those are also available as downspout statues, as well as bears, alligators, dragons and more.

Whether you have a rock garden or a forest, hopefully at least one of these fun garden ideas can work their way into your yard to make your summer a little more silly and fun.

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11 Fun Yard & Garden Accessories To Kick Off Your Summer