11 of the Most Unique Hotels In the World

There’s a difference between having to spend the night in a hotel when you’re away from home and getting to stay in a hotel on vacation and generally speaking, that difference is in the hotel experience itself. These hotels are unique enough that spending the night in any of these rooms is a treat in and of itself.

Hotel Vrouwe van Stavoren

You might love wine, but it takes a true wino to curl up and fall asleep right in a wine barrel –unless you’re staying at the Hotel Vrouwe van Stavoren in Amsterdam, which features four two-person rooms constructed in vintage 14.500 liter wine casks.


If you like the round, cozy vibe of Hotel Vrouwe van Stavoren’s wine barrels, but prefer something made from concrete instead of wood, you might find Mexico’s Tubohotel is exactly what you’re looking for. That’s because the rooms in this unique hotel are all made from giant concrete pipes, each fitted with a fan, a queen bed, curtains and a light.

Hutten Palast

Camping is great, but the great outdoors can be dangerous and dirty. For those who love the idea of roughing it, but prefer to be right in the heart of a major city, Berlin’s Hutten Palast (which translates to Caravan Palace) lets you rent a trailer or cabin inside of an old factory. Each vintage trailer is drastically different from the next, so you can match your room choice to your personality.

Ice Hotel

When you think of comfort, you probably don’t think of a hotel that’s constantly kept at below freezing, but despite its chilly climate, Sweden’s Ice Hotel remains one of the most famous hotels in the entire country. It’s also strikingly beautiful as almost every room is created by a master artist. We particularly like the Northern Lights Suite, which is lit up with flocculating lights that look just like the famous aurora borealis.  

Palacio de Sal

Love the idea of an ice hotel, but can’t get behind the idea of sleeping somewhere so cold? Then rather than heading north to Sweden, go south to Bolivia where you can find Palacio del Sal, a hotel carved entirely of salt. Like the ice hotel, the walls, floors, sculptures and much of the decorations (including the beds) are made from blocks of crystals -only the salt is guaranteed to stay a lot warmer than ice.

Kennedy School

Ever dream you were at school naked? Well here’s your chance to relive those dreams in a safe, surprisingly comfortable atmosphere. That’s because the Kennedy School is a hotel that was once an elementary school. Each classroom has a bed, bathroom and blackboard. The hotel itself has some incredible amenities, including a movie theater, a pool and a brewery, ensuring you’ll enjoy a vacation worth writing an essay about.

V8 Hotel

Do you find yourself looking at children’s racecar beds with envy in your eyes? Then drive on out to the V8 Hotel in Germany and check into any one of their car-themed rooms. From car washes to drive-ins and from Rolls-Royces to low riders, every car aficionado is sure to find something they love inside the walls of these hotel rooms.

Hotel Seven Paris

Speaking of fantasies, it seems just about everyone wished they could either be James Bond or one of his famous Bond Girls at some point. While you’ll probably never get the chance to be a real life superspy, you can stay in the Hotel Seven Paris’ 007 Suite. This Bond-themed hotel room is all at once classy, elegant, sexy and dangerous, just like our favorite secret agent.

The Grand Canyon Caverns

Believe it or not, there are more than a few hotels fighting for the title of “world’s deepest hotel room.” One of the contenders is The Grand Canyon Caverns’ Cavern Motel Room, which sits 220 feet below the surface and is accessible only by an elevator. The Cavern Motel Room also claims to be the oldest, being as how the space was carved out by nature over 65 million years ago. The vacant space is also the largest, stretching 200 feet by 400 feet with 70 foot tall ceiling (for the record, that’s 5.6 million square feet, whereas the Guinness certified largest hotel suite in the world is Royal Residence at Grand Hills Hotel and Spa, which is only a measly 44,500 square feet).

Sala Silvermine

While The Grand Canyon Caverns might be right about their room’s record breaking age and size, they’re wrong about it being the deepest underground. In fact, that title belongs to the Mine Suite in the Sala Silvermine of Sweden. At over 500 feet deep, this manmade underground space beats the Grand Canyon Cavern’s room by 285 feet. If you do make a trip to the mine, sure to bring some warm clothes as the mine is naturally only about three degrees above freezing at any time.

Un Coin Chez Soi

Perhaps the strangest hotel room on earth isn’t one located in a strange place or made from a unique material. It’s quite possible that the oddest place you could ever hope to rent out would be La Villa Hamster in Un Coin Chez Soi. While all of the hotel’s rooms have strange themes, La Villa Hamster might be the only place in the world where you can actually live out your days like a hamster, complete with your own wire exercise wheel.

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11 of the Most Unique Hotels In the World