12 Awesome Bookcases for Kids

We’ve shown you some great geeky nursery ideas, homemade kids furniture ideas and some wonderful bookcases and bookshelves, but when your little geek grows up to need somewhere to put his or her book collection, these twelve designs are a perfect way to encourage your child to keep reading.


We all played with pin art sculptures during the 80’s and 90’s, but now you can bring that joy and creativity to a whole new generation with the PinPres kid’s shelving system by Ooo My Design. Kids can push and pull the pins according to their storage needs, making cleaning up into a game and offering them a great way to customize the look of their room without making a mess. The design comes in five colors and can be made to any sizing specifications.


Igloos are fascinating structures to most kids, who find the idea of a warm shelter being built from ice blocks to be utterly fascinating. Unfortunately, unless you live in the Arctic Circle, you probably won’t be able to build your child an authentic igloo anytime soon. This Igloo-shaped bookcase by Point Design Studio is a great alternative though –providing your kids with a cozy, private nook for their bed and ample storage space for their keepsakes and books. It even comes equipped with a dainty side table that can provide a perfect place to read, color or do homework.


Grandfather clocks are an icon, but most homes don’t have the space or need for such massive timepieces. For the youngsters enamored with these vintage furniture pieces, this P-bookshelf by Yaroslacv Rassadin mimics the grandfather clock’s great style in a more practical bookshelf form that still manages to tell time with the inset clock.

Junior Bookcase

This Junior Bookcase by Ibride would make an unbearably cute addition to the room of any child with more than too many teddy bears. It comes in white and black so polar bear fans and black bear fans alike can enjoy seeing their favorite animal inside their room, holding all their favorite books about bears.


Alternatively, Ibride offers a similar bookshelf style in the shape of an antelope on its back legs. The Fausto design is available in red and grey and the two can even be pressed against each other to resemble two creatures in battle.


Each Ladrillos base seems to have its own personality and charms, so your kids will have all kinds of fun deciding how to lay out the shelves. Of course, you will have to assemble the pieces for them, but your kiddo will love having control of his or her furniture and the ability to work with you to rearrange the setup later on.


Tangrams have been a popular childhood toy for years because they engage the youngster’s imagination while teaching them special relativity, geometry and more. Now you can bring that same fun to your child’s walls with the Tangram bookshelf by Lago Design. Like the Ladrillos system, you can work with your kiddo to decide how to arrange these on their wall and when they get bored of their room’s look, you can take them down and rearrange them into something entirely new.

Melting Clock Curved Bookshelf

If there was a bookcase in Alice in Wonderland, it would be this wonderful curved design, that comes complete with a melting clock, by Etsy seller WoodCurve. If your little one constantly dreams of going down the rabbit hole, this bookcase is just the thing for holding all the Lewis Carroll books you can find.


Artist and designer Justin Southey made this delightful whale bookshelf back in 2011. While there seems to be a lot of unused space in the design, that should hardly be a deal breaker for most children who rarely need a monstrous bookcase in their room anyway.

Rocket Ship Shelf

This rocket ship bookshelf by Etsy seller HappygoodWoods is a perfect room accessory for the kiddos who are obsessed with space travel and worship astronauts. You can even get it in an array of colors, so whether your little one fancies Buzz Lightyear or Buzz Aldrin, the bookshelf can match his or her style.

Dolly Cardboard

This dollhouse bookshelf design by CardboardFriends is a perfect touch for a slightly more modern and minimalist children’s room design and it’s eco-friendly, as it’s made from nothing but cardboard and cotton fabric.

Face Shelving

Wooly Willy has long been a favorite toy of children and this bookshelf by Alexi McCarthy takes that same concept and turns it into a bookshelf idea. However you arrange the titles will give the face a drastically-different look. Kids can change his hair, eyes, teeth, eyebrows, facial hair and more.

Remember, reading can become a lifelong obsession if you encourage it and a cool bookshelf is just one way to tell your kiddo that you are proud of his or her interest in books.

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12 Awesome Bookcases for Kids