12 Beautiful Bathtubs Perfect for Relaxing

We feature a lot of great bathroom décor, but one thing that really ties the room together is a stylish and wonderful bathtub. These bathtubs are some of the most beautiful and wonderful designs you could ever hope to take a soak in.


This limited-edition tub by Anne and Parick Poirier Antonio Lupi is made from one solid block of stone, which would be great when it comes to maintaining your water temperature as you soak. Only ten of these boat-shaped beauties were made and because they are so rare, they can even be personalized with your name on the stern.

Natural Stone

Stone doesn’t need to be carved into a boat shape to be an impressive bathtub. In fact, these Natural Stone Bathtubs from yourStoneBath show the inherent beauty of rock by living the sides unfinished, only polishing the bottom and inside of the stone to create a stunning tub that looks as natural as possible. Since each tub is carved from one large stone, each one is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Unfortunately, the company’s website is no longer active, so it’s possible you’ll have to go somewhere else if you want a bathtub that really rocks.

Laguna Basic

For those who prefer nature with a softer side, wood is the way to go and this beautiful Laguna Basic tub is a great way to add warm color and a modern feel into your bathroom. The customizable design is made by Alegna, who has years of experience building yachts. Unlike many of these unique designs, the exterior of the tub is a standard rectangular shape, so it will easily fit in most modern bathtubs without making too many major renovations.

The Louise

Love the magic of wicker baskets? Then you’ll enjoy the Louise Freestanding Whirlpool Tub by Condor Balneo. Don’t worry about it getting mildewed or ruined like a regular old basket though, as the lining on this lovely tub is treated to keep it safe.

Baignoire Paris

There’s nothing like a good vacation and there’s something about a wonderful set of luggage that makes the experience all the more enjoyable. If you can’t get away though, Condor Balneo’s bathtub, based on the style of a chic, classic suitcase, is the next best thing.


Like the Cosmos Bed, the Nirvana tub mimics the beauty of the night sky with beautiful LED lights scattered throughout the surface. There’s no better way to feel like you’re floating through the stars as you soak away the stress of the day.


One of the most relaxing ways to take a bath is to turn off the light and relax with a few candles, but candles burn out and can be a fire hazard if you fall asleep in the tub, so why not replace the soft glow of a candle with a glowing tub instead? This tub by Lucedentrol made with decorative glowing tiles called Listellos provides its own gentle illumination that is certain to set a relaxing and comfortable mood without all the hassle of lighting a dozen candles.

LTT Illuminated

Here is another great glowing tub option, this one with a programmable LED light unit that is programmable so it can change colors according to your mood. The self standing polyethylene tub was designed by Jan Puylaert.


As the name implies, the Cristalli tub is sparklingly clear and totally chic. The minimalistic design by Novellini is not for those who are shy about their bodies, but if you’re not afraid of seeing your naked body reflected in the mirror while you soak, it’s a stunning way to relax.


Sometimes the worst part of a bath is trying to find a comfortable way to sit, but with this tub, comfort is the primary concern. The design, by Dutch designer Thomas Linssen of Studio Thol, incorporates a reclined chair into the equation to allow you to sit, relax and soak all at once. The wooden frame not only emphasize the unique shape, but also provides a striking accent to the white polyester and marble tub.

Colored Acrylic

Tired of boring old white bathtubs? Then check out this great glossy acrylic tub by Allia that comes in translucent red, blue and white. The metal support structure provides a striking contrast to the smooth lines and bright colors of the tub.  It not only looks good, but it also feels great with 14 nozzles and 2 massage settings to allow you adjust your bath to feel just the way you like it.


Some women love a great pair of shoes more than just about anything else in this world. For those gals, this shoe tub by SCIS is just what it takes to relax after a long day walking around in stilettos. While it might seem like an odd shape, it’s surely comfortable to lean back and relax in.

Even if you can’t afford to remodel your home and install one of these gorgeous designs, they’re not only something you can aspire to owning in the future, but also a great thing to fantasize about while you relax in your own bath as dreaming in the warm water is one of the best things to do in the tub.

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12 Beautiful Bathtubs Perfect for Relaxing