12 Cool Kitchen Tools We Desperately Want But Absolutely Don't Need

There are millions of kitchen gadgets out there, but at least half of them are almost entirely pointless. Of the other half, most are still unnecessary but at least useful on occasion. These twelve items aren't things you actually need to have in even the most well-stocked kitchen -but they still look totally fun to own.

The Imperial Spherificator

The very item that inspired this article, the Imperial Spherificator takes all the guess work out of making those mock-caviar pearls molecular gastronomy fans are crazy about. Just about anything can be turned into caviar-like pearls that pop in your mouth, releasing surprising and delightful flavors. Simply liquefy your ingredients, add them to the Spherificator and then release them into your prepared water solution.


Want a little something extra to spice up your food pearls? How about custom-made foam made of complimentary fresh flavors? The Molecule-R Foam-R can help you make all kinds of foods into light, airy foams.

Sous Vide Temperature Controller

While molecular gastronomy plays with the notion of food science, it's often considered a novelty rather than the future of cooking. Sous Vide on the other hand, is becoming increasingly praised and utilized by chefs around the globe. Unfortunately, most home chefs can't afford a professional sous vide cooker -but this Dorkfood creation allows you to hack a rice cooker, crock pot or any similar appliance into a perfectly temperature-controlled water bath that's ideal for sous vide cooking.

Herb Mill

Dicing herbs is a pain that often takes more time than chopping a pile of vegetables for a dish, but with the Epare Herb Mill, you simply throw the herbs into the mill, twist and enjoy your unbruised, finely-diced herbs.

Spill Stopper

Pan spillovers might be the most frequent cause of stovetop messes and now there's a way to stop them. The KochBlume Spill Stopper is a pretty pot-topper that also stops stovetop spills thanks to its clever inverted design.

Pineapple Slicer

Let's face it, you probably don't eat pineapple often enough to need a special tool in your home dedicated exclusively to preparing it. That being said, these pineapple slicers make coring, peeling and slicing your tropical treats so insanely easy. I actually own one of these and the three times a year or so that I actually use it I am so thrilled to have it. It even leaves you with a good-looking pineapple hull that can be used as a perfectly whimsical cocktail glass.

Watermelon Keg Tap

Sure, you can always carve a watermelon (or pumpkin) into a punch bowl, but why use a ladle out of the top when you can instead turn it into a fun keg? Your guests will be delighted to pour drinks from a festive fruit.

Personal Potato Chip Maker

Wish you could have warm, home-made potato chips on demand? What if they were actually healthy because they didn't require any oil? If you're anything like me, you're probably already falling for the magic of this chip maker which uses the microwave instead of a messy, unhealthy deep fryer.

Sonic Foamer

A good beer just doesn't taste the same at home as it does from the tap of a bar. That's because the keg allows for more heady brews, which brings out the rich aromas of the beer. With this Sonic Foamer, you get that great keg-taste you love right out of the bottle or can at home.

Marinade-Injecting Tenderizer

Using a traditional meat tenderizer flattens out your meat -which is fine in some cases, but not when you want a nice, thick, juicy steak. This incredible tenderizer not only severs tough connective tissue without thinning the meat out, it also allows you to inject your choice of marinade right into the meat itself.

Automatic Food Canning System

Canning at home is a great way to preserve fruits and veggies during their peak season and to discover new and incredible varieties of jams and pickles. Unfortunately, the canning process is slow, hot and messy. With this canning system though, you can have the machine do all the work for you.


A little sprinkle of cinnamon, coco powder or nutmeg can make a nice garnish for your coffee or dessert, and now you don't have to settle for a random dusting. Instead, use the Cinnibird to draw all kinds of fun shapes on your food with your choice of spice.

Want to buy them all? Then don't miss these clever kitchen storage systems so you can make room for all your new goodies.

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12 Cool Kitchen Tools We Desperately Want But Absolutely Don't Need