13 Cool Ways to Bring A Touch of the Cosmos Into Your Space

Did you know this Sunday is May the Fourth, aka Star Wars Day? Since we already covered some of the greatest Star Wars furniture around and some incredible geek theater designs, it seemed only right to help you set the scene for adventures in a galaxy far, far away by presenting the best space-inspired furniture and embellishments we could find in this solar system.

Universe Light

One of the best things about the night sky is the stunning stars that we get to enjoy even with our naked eyes. Korean design studio Metaconcrete took this wonderful sight and made it possible to see indoors as well. The Universe Light is a pretty basic design, but the breathtaking, galaxy-like displays it can creates are anything but.

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Bang & Olufsen A9 Special Edition

Good speakers can make nice bang, but only the Bang & Olufsen A9 Special Edition by Kebei Li is reminiscent of the Big Bang. The wireless speaker’s black and white galaxy print makes this design far more beautiful than any conventional speaker you’ve likely ever come across before.

Nebula Pillow

You don’t need to pay for a professional designer’s work if you want to bring a little touch of the galaxies into your home though, with this tutorial by Whimsey Box, you can easily make your own nebula pillow using some fairly common craft supplies.

French Dot Constellation Runner

If you prefer constellations and needlework though, it’s all too easy to make a simple table runner adorned with constellations and Design Sponge can give you all the details to make your table a little more spacey.

Constellation Light

When you want your constellations to have a little glow to them, this tutorial by Offbeat Home and Life can help you light up your wall in the coolest way possible.

Star Light Star Bright Garland

While lightly glowing constellations are a good way to bring a touch of the cosmos to an older kid or an adult’s room, it’s probably not enough to help a child who is scared of the dark. So for the younger set, making your own version of this light strand with the guide from Mom Makes Things can give a little star glow to the room to help your little one sleep more soundly.

Full Moon

It would be one thing to add an image of a moon to a sideboard, but to really make these 24 limited edition pieces shine, designer Sotirios Papadopoulos used a special luminous paint called ELI. As a result, the sideboard doesn’t just look spacey in the day time, but it also looks like a stunning full moon even in the dark.

Dark Side of the Moon

Most of us will never get the chance to walk on the moon, but we can at least pretend to with this minimalist take on our Earth’s satellite recreated as a circular rug. Martin Mostbock created the design to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing.

La Luna

Liane Yaoslavsky took some obvious inspiration from the moon in creating this delightful coffee table the one-of-a-kind design is so striking that it’s entirely likely some of your guests won’t recognize the piece as furniture, but instead it’s some kind of fascinating sculpture that just happens to be set in the center of your living room.

Full Moon Odyssey

Pink Floyd made a pretty compelling case that the dark side of the moon is a beautiful, but cold and unforgiving place where you don’t want to go. On the other hand, if the bright side of the moon is even close to as comfortable as this Full Moon Odyssey floor mattress pillow by Lily Suh of i3lab, then it’s gotta be a great place to curl up for a nap –provided you bring an oxygen tank.

The company has quite a few other moon-inspired designs, including a bedding set, a watch, a rug, a cushion, a pillow, a wall sticker, a clock and an ottoman, so if you’ve ever wanted to deck your whole life out in moon-like goodies, here’s your chance.


Astrologers try to use the planet’s alignment to predict the future, but now you can configure their alignment according to your own needs –at least, in furniture version thanks Korean design studio Kam-Kam’s Planet swivel side table. The design presents three round surfaces of decreasing size that can be configured around the center table like planets rotating around the sun.

Planet Plates

Why eat on something boring and flat when you could eat on something that looks like our beautiful solar system? As it turns out, not including Pluto in the Planet Plates set even means you get exactly eight plates, making it a traditional complete dish set only much more scientifically fascinating.


Ordinary office supplies are anything but fun, but Korean designer Jeong Mi Lee’s Spationary sure is. Between the Saturn Tape Holder and the Abandoned Planet pen holder, Lee makes your desk become a playground for the aspiring astronaut hiding in your imagination. We only wish she added a few more pieces to the collection.

Whether you’re a little spacey or exceptionally worldly, hopefully one of these ideas can bring a little more serenity to your space, and may the 4th be with you.

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13 Cool Ways to Bring A Touch of the Cosmos Into Your Space