13 Cool Wreaths You Can Make Yourself

As the old song says, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and if you're looking for a fun, festive decoration for your door this year, consider going the DIY route. While buying a wire wreath form and attaching pine garlands with floral wire is a classic way to create a simple, traditional wreath, here are a few other options for those who want to get a little more crafty this season.


Want to ramp up your traditional green wreath this year? Then try making three of different sizes and then attach them to make a snowman wreath. Add a scarf, a hat and some stick arms and you're ready to go. Sew Many Ways can show you how to make one for yourself.


Yarn wreaths are incredibly easy to make as they essentially just require wrapping colored yarn around a Styrofoam or hay wreath form. My So Called Crafty Life has all the details you need to make your own, and a link to make cute felt flowers like the ones featured on this wreath.

Paper Flowers

Alternatively, if you'd like to make some cute paper flower decorations to accessorize your wreath, don't miss this tutorial on Fiskars. Though you'll probably want to stick with more festive Christmas colors if you're making a seasonal wreath.

You can even make your whole wreath from paper flowers and Suaviloqy can teach you how (including how to make her own style of flowers).

Book Pages

The pages from an old book can even be used to create a literary-themed paper flower wreath, like this one featured on By Stephanie Lynn.

Paper Stars

Patterned Christmas paper can also be used for fun, festive decorations. To learn how to make a cool star wreath like this one, visit Little Birdie Secrets.

Felt Ruffle

All you need to make this great looking wreath is a lot of felt, some straight pins and a Styrofoam wreath form. Wine and Glue can show you how to put it all together and then you can accessorize it to your heart's content.


To make a fast and fabulous wreath from mesh ribbon, you don't even need a wreath form, just some rounded wire. Chica and Jo show just how easy it is to make one of these beautiful wreaths for yourself.


We previously featured this cool wreath by Land of Nod on our list of great Christmas decorations you can make with your kids, but it's also a perfect holiday wreath to make yourself.


Of course, bows are mostly fun because they remind us of the childhood joy of opening presents, so if you want to increase that subtle feeling of excitement, then consider using mini Christmas presents instead. Crafts Unleashed can show you how to make a whole wreath from tiny gifts.


Here's a fun way to give someone a present and decoration in one. Just wrap a scarf around a wreath form and pin. A Cultivated Nest has the full details.

Jingle Bells

Bells will be ringing whenever you open or close your door if you decide to follow this tutorial from Before Meets After to make your own delightful Christmas bell wreath.


After years of collecting ornaments, it's easy to end up with way too many for your tree. So rather than leave them sitting unused in a box, this year, try making a wreath out of them. Live Love DIY can show you how.


Your guests will be happy to exclaim "goodie goodie gumdrops" when they see this sweet treat hanging from your door. For a perfect party display, use toothpicks to hold the candy on, but for a more long-term decoration, be sure to use glue and some sealer to keep the candy looking its best. Dream A Little Bigger can show you a more detailed explanation of the process.

Happy holidays to all you DIYers out there!

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13 Cool Wreaths You Can Make Yourself