14 Cool Sinks To Leave You Overflowing With Joy

There was a time when practically all home sinks were one of a handful of styles and the faucet was the only real distinguishing factor. But nowadays, you have just as much variety in the shape and style of your sink as you do in the type of faucet to use. Here are a few of the most unique designs we could find to inspire you to replace your boring old basin and tap.


Who said a sink needs a faucet? Well, sure, you need somewhere for the water to come out, but with the AIS by Moab 80, that somewhere is actually built right into the back of the sink itself. The end result is a minimalist sink that looks even more stark without a faucet flowing into it.


If Moab 80 can make a sink without a faucet, then it only makes sense that someone else would make one without a drainpipe -or at least, one with the illusion of not having a drain pipe. Axolute Design created the T4 to be only an inch and a half thick while still holding a built-in, integrated siphon. Aside from the unique look, the sink also offers the benefit of having an opening too small for most rings and other jewelry to fall down and get lost.


Axolute's SP6 offers many of the advantages of the T4, only with a round sink basin and a lengthy counter to match. The drain-free illusion isn't quite as noticeable in this slightly thicker design with a counter that seems to conceal the piping, but you do receive the benefit of having a nice counter for your bathroom, which the T4 lacks.


Where Axolute aimed to hide the drain in their sinks, Studio Ganszyniec decided to intentionally leave out a drain in their basin. The concept behind that decision was to allow people to see exactly how much water they are using, rather than just letting it trickle down the drain. When you consciously have to dump out the bowl of water in the provided siphon, you will see how much you used for a given activity -hopefully reducing the amount of water you use in the future.

Sink Positive

It might not be the most attractive sink on this list, but Sink Positive is notable for something else -its eco-friendly nature. This clever design allows you to use clean water to wash your hands and then that grey water is stored in the toilet tank to help flush the toilet. Of course, if you don't have enough grey water stored up, the tank will fill up and flush with clean water, but by reusing your hand-washing and tooth-brushing water, you are drastically reducing the amount of water used in your bathroom.


If you love the idea behind Sink Positive, but just don't like its style, then this W+W basin for Roca by Buratti + Battiston might be a good alternative. It uses the same grey water system to help conserve water, but it does so in a design that looks totally unique and entirely modern.


CBD Glass has three different variations of their Waterfall design, each of which offers a beautiful, flowing waterfall constructed of cascading glass. The design can be further modified with a custom support system or by using a different glass finish. These glass sinks look particularly striking when back lit.

Illuminating Glink

The round shape of the Glink by Philip Watts Design is attractive, but not all that uncommon these days. What is different is the illuminated look of the polyurethane material. The sink is lit by a multi-colored LED light, so you can shift the shade based on your decor or your mood.


More closely resembling a waterslide than a sink, the Abisko doesn't feature a drain of its own at all, but instead into a drain built into the ground. Eumar Santhenica and Swedish Designer Johan Kauppi designed the clever basin, ensuring it would look drastically different than the any other sink you've ever seen.


The Spoon sink by Philip Watts Design looks less like its namesake and more like a misshapen horn or a drop of syrup falling from the bottle. Either way, the think stem and rounded base looks almost impossible and entirely captivating.


By combining glass and copper together, Phillip Watts Design has created a sink that really emphasizes the rugged, beautiful power of water in nature while capturing it and framing it in your bathroom.


This sink was built outdoors, but the rocking idea could easily be used in a kitchen or bathroom sink. Pearidge Concrete custom made the piece for one of their clients who needed something different that also offered a lot of counter space. It's a great reminder of just what you can do when you work with someone to create a custom piece adapted to your specific needs.


The Kohani by Native Trails is both round and square, both shiny and flat and altogether stunning. The hammered copper looks classic as copper sinks have been used for centuries, but meanwhile, the shape is totally modern.


So many above-the-counter basins don't leave you any space for your soap, meaning you have to awkwardly set it on the counter next to the basin or find a matching soap dish that attaches to the wall. With Sonk though, your sink and soap are all too happy together since this basin features an arm designed specifically for holding your favorite lathery bar.

Not all of these bathrooms will work in every bathroom, but the clever and unique designs are certain to make an impression wherever they are installed.

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14 Cool Sinks To Leave You Overflowing With Joy