14 Stunning Home Windows

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then it's only logical that windows are the easiest way to judge the soul of a home. If that's true, then these 14 homes must have some of the most beautiful souls ever constructed.

Casa Batllo

While Antoni Gaudi may have passed away, his revolutionary designs remain a favorite of design enthusiasts everywhere. His Casa Batllo is a particularly good source of inspiration when it comes to windows, with the wavy, sea-like shapes of the home's front windows. It's a powerful reminder that convention is always questionable.

Image via Alexandra StevensonSantiRose Davies and Natalia Romay

The Drew House

A house as unique as the Drew House by Simon Laws requires unique windows as well. In this case, that meant something that could fit a circular, silo-like dwelling and still be equipped with blinds to keep out the scorching Australian sun. The end result is nothing short of stunning.

Phoenix Arcadia

For a truly dramatic look, it's hard to beat latticed lights with crystal cuts on the glass panes -especially when they make up the whole wall like the windows in this room by PHX Architecture.

Casa Ibiza

Bow windows are always a treat, but when you get two rows of giant bow window panels topped with one more row of smaller multi-lit panels, you end up with an utterly breath-taking room that seems simultaneously imposing and inviting. Fox Custom Builders out did themselves with this impressive space.

Arts & Crafts Inspired Residence

For those that prefer a more traditional style but still love the look of bowed windows, this design by Archer and Buchanan combines simple stained glass with dark oak window frames for a classic look that is simply timeless.

Seven Oaks

Rounded windows are nothing new, but combining a series of rounded windows to fill in one massive arch space is something Jaugregui Architecture Interiors Construction came up with to make this contemporary Austin home truly stand out.

Villa Vicin O'Mare

Plenty of homes are built with the kitchen sink overlooking the yard, but if you really want to make the most of this layout, don't settle for an ordinary sliding window. Instead, consider a window that can be open all the way across the counter like this one by Allen Construction. Not only will it help the people stuck cleaning and cooking behind the kitchen counter feel a little less trapped, but it also makes entertaining at parties a snap by letting guests wash their hands and grab snacks from the buffet counter without ever going inside.

Coastal Kitchen

Alternatively, if you have a home with a kitchen overlooking the yard but can't sacrifice critical cabinet space for a wide window, you can always incorporate your cabinets into your windows like Rieco Kitchen and Bath did here. This solution is particularly beneficial for those who are remodeling and want a more open-feeling kitchen that still has ample storage space.

Courtyard Residence

Similarly, just because you need two over-the-sink mirrors in your bathroom doesn't mean you can't maximize your natural lighting with ample windows. In fact, by placing the mirrors on the inside of a larger set of windows like Ida Architects did, you let in light while enhancing your privacy in the bathroom -though we still suggest adding a few drapes to those center windows.

Sunset Plaza

There are plenty of houses with oval windows, but few of these designs rotate to let in fresh air the way this bathroom window by Kelly Baron does. The effect seems particularly fitting given that this master bathroom is actually located in the home's attic space.

Hancock Park

Windows help let in natural light while connecting us to the great outdoors. So why give up those benefits just so you can build a door to the outside? As Studio William Hefner proves, there's no reason to butcher a great set of windows just for the sake of installing a door.

Klinger Lake Dream Home

What better way to make a lake house seem more closely tied in with its surroundings than a teak, nautical-themed bathroom? The round, porthole-shaped window further emphasizes the theme, especially with the custom-built shutter by Martin Brothers Contracting.

29th & Woolridge

When full size glass panels have vents, they are almost always at the top of the window. This makes sense as heat rises, but in this home on a hill by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects, placing vents below the windows of one side of the house and at the top of the windows on the other side was a great choice as it allows for passive cooling throughout the home. As a bonus, the unique look of the bottom vents make the home itself look eye-catching in a subtle manner.

Open House

On a similar note, there is no reason awning windows have to be small. These massive tilting windows by E. Cobb Architects provide a uniquely industrial touch to an open, modern home. Of course, these designs probably are still something you wouldn't want to have with young children around.

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14 Stunning Home Windows