14 Ways to Decorate Your Home With LEGO Goodness

For most people, the word "brick" brings to mind brownish-red construction materials, but for a small segment of die-hard LEGO lovers, the word instead invokes images of colorful toys that can be used to make just about anything. If you fall into the later group, here are a few great ideas on how to deck your house out with all kinds of bricktastic goodness.


Have a boring table you want to spruce up? If it's a rectangle shape, all you need to do is get some LEGOs and a pane of tempered glass in the same size. You can go for random colors for a bright rainbow of hues in your room or be more selective and add your own pattern.

If you don't have the time or patience to make your own LEGO table (or want one with built in LED lighting), then you can always buy a pre-made one on Etsy.

Spice Rack

It would probably be pretty easy to actually build a spice rack with LEGO bricks, but if you really want to make a LEGO creation people will notice from across the kitchen, try using the bottle tops to make a spice rack that looks like a giant LEGO.


Again, you could probably make LEGO coasters pretty easily, but these stone coasters with vintage-style LEGO artwork are pretty irresistible in their own right.


Here's one case where a thing that just looks like it has LEGO bricks on it is a lot better than having a real LEGO creation -after all, those bricks aren't exactly known for being soft and fluffy.

Shower Curtain

It would be pretty hard to build a functional shower curtain with LEGO bricks, but you still have options out there -this Identity Crisis shower curtain is just one delightfully silly choice available.


Because LEGO fit together so perfectly tightly, they can easily be used to make a planter. Even more impressively though, you can build a box around your potted plant to make a cool LEGO park scene like The Bob Blog did here.

Key Holder

Always lose your keys the second you walk into the door? Then keep them stored on your LEGO key holder and you'll never lose them again. Best of all, this Instructable shows it's incredibly easy to make one of these on your own.

Gold Magnets

It's easy enough to stick a magnet on the back of your LEGO and use it on the fridge, but if you want it to look chic as well as geek, follow She's Called Claire's example and spray paint them gold first.


Why get a poster for the LEGO movie when you could instead make your own poster with practically anything on it. This instructable shows how easy it is to make your own custom mosaic in LEGO.


What bathroom theme is complete without some matching soaps? When it comes to LEGO soap, you can either buy these cute bar soaps from Etsy or make a simple and adorable liquid soap dispenser brightened up with colorful LEGO blocks inside.

Picture Frame

No home is complete without a few family photos, but if you want to geek yours up, you might want to store it in one of these cute LEGO picture frames.

Kleenex Holder

Perfect for offices, bedrooms and bathrooms, this LEGO Kleenex box holder is a perfect way to add a little touch of LEGO to something you already have anyway.

Phone Docks

There are all kinds of LEGO phone dock designs online, many with instructions to create your own. We're particularly big fans of these designs by designer Augusto Roberto that not only work great, but also maintain a distinctly block-friendly look.

Via Bit Rebels

Business Card Holder

This cute business card holder is a great addition to any geek desk and the magnetized paperclip holder makes it even more functional.

If you still haven't found quite the perfect LEGO home accessory, then don't miss this list that shows you how to use minfigs to hold your cables or this one that features a LEGO Avengers lamp.

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14 Ways to Decorate Your Home With LEGO Goodness