15 Beautiful Doors That Are Entirely Inviting

We’ve seen some brilliant home lighting options, breathtaking bathtubs and some delightful mirrors, but it’s time to pay tribute to the oft-overlooked door. While most people stick with plain, rectangular doors that match the rest of their paint scheme, there’s something about a door that stands out from the rest that invites people in –if only to find out what could possibly be hidden behind such a stunning door.

Curtain Door

Fitted with hidden pulleys, ball bearings, ropes and counter weights, the Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates gently curves out to resemble its namesake. Constructed from 40 sections of thick Burma wood and stretching 17 feet tall, you probably won’t be able to install your own Curtain Door any time soon, but that certainly doesn’t take away from the design’s appeal.

Via Design Milk

Lake Travis Retreat

Here’s a door that brings its own dramatic flair –a steel-framed, pivoting door that features glowing honey onyx tiles. The tiles are backlit with gentle LED lights and provide an unforgettable entryway to the breathtaking Lake Travis Retreat by Dick Clark & Associates.

Sunset House

This stunning glass pivoting door by Allen Bianchi is certain to attract attention, making your interior appear more like a gallery space than a mere residence. Open or closed it lets in ample natural light and makes the interior feel a lot more connected with the exterior of the home.

The only problem? You probably won’t want this as your front door unless you have a gated entry since it doesn’t offer much privacy.

Cat Mountain

An eye-catching glass front door is not for the shy, but the design, by Cornerstone Architects, certainly makes a statement. Blending the door in with the surrounding entryway windows creates an inviting setting and pairing the design with gas-powered lanterns practically screams “come on in, friends.”

A similar design on the backside of the structure helps connect the interior and exterior of the home, while giving those inside a memorable view of the pool and the stunning scenery beyond the yard.

Hanover Harmony

Sometimes all you need to make your door pop is a little color. The contrasting white and blues on this doorway in Hanover make for an attractive entry that invites people to stop and take in the sights.

Image via sualk61 [Flickr]

Lovely Laundry Room

Looking for a simple way to add a little vintage charm to a door? Then buy a glass-paneled door, paint glass frost in an elaborate pattern and add some vintage-looking lettering to describe the room. This specific door by Brownhouse Design opens to the laundry room, but you could easily create a similar look for your front door that bears your street number.

Via Houzz

Starry Settings

Black iron accents can bring a classic touch to an entryway, especially when they aren’t arranged in traditional bar shapes, but instead into a star-shape as seen on this delightful Belgian door. Of course, the curved shape and delicate brickwork don’t hurt either.

Image via Aaron Gustafson [Flickr]


There’s something magical about blending old and new together. These custom-made doors incorporate antique Chinese screens that the client wished to incorporate into her home. Rather than just hanging them against the wall, Amber Hobbs of H&H Design opted to do something unique them that would also lend some natural light to the entry way.

Via Houzz

Stamford Entry

A gothic arch can lend a sense of calm to your sanctuary and a dramatic entrance to your foyer. This doorway by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects is particularly interesting because the clients started with the door and asked the designer to create an entryway based on the piece.

Rocky Ledge Entry

This dramatic doorway features both frosted glass and studded accents, as inspired by the One and Only Palmilla resort in Mexico and replicated by LDa Architects. The technique of using massive upholstery nail heads to accentuate the doors was used throughout the home, including the black carriage-style entryway and the rustic, white interior doors.

Via Houzz

Lee Residence

When you really want to attract attention to a doorway, don’t just stop with the door itself, but consider the framing of the entry as well. This Mediterranean-styled tilework by AMS Landscape Design Studio immediately brings the viewer’s eye to the center of the entryway.

Custom Copper Pivot Door

This extra-wide, pivoting front door by PWI Construction will lend a sense of regality to any entryway, especially when framed by two sets of windows that allow natural light to trickle into the home, making the door seem slightly less imposing.

Via Houzz

Land of the Free

When the pivot door on this modern residence by Guilherme Torres is closed, it seamlessly blends into the wooden box protruding from the concrete wall. As a result, the skull and crossbones welcome mat isn’t just a fresh addition to the overall scheme, but also one way to tell where the entry to the home is located.

Via Houzz


There are plenty of doors you don’t want your little one wandering through, but when you do want to encourage his or her curiosity, this ThreeStyle door by Slam allows for people of all different ages and sizes to use an appropriately placed door. It’s a great way to make tykes feel like their bedroom really is a special place to be.

Evolution Door

There was a time when electric sliding doors seemed so futuristic, but now that these are relatively common place, they may look cool, but they hardly seem like future technology. This geometrically impressive design by Austrian designer Klemens Torggler looks like it could be the design of the future we envision today. Just flick your wrist on the middle joint and the door will rotate and fold open and closed. This unique creation allows for a sliding door without tracks that looks simply stunning.

Via Freshome

Obviously not all of these designs will work for all homes –a massive pivoting door will just look silly on a tiny little beach shack, but by looking at a variety of inviting doors for inspiration, you might will hopefully get a better grasp on what type of entryway you’d like to have in your home.

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15 Beautiful Doors That Are Entirely Inviting