15 Fun Home Goodies From the NeatoShop (And How to Win $100 in Merchandise)

Whether you are a long time Homes and Hues reader, were sent her from Neatorama, or stumbled on the site from somewhere else, we’re happy to have you here. If you’re happy to be here, you can help support the site in a few ways aside from reading the page, you can also follow our social media accounts and you can buy goodies from the NeatoShop, which helps finance the site and right now you can even win $100 worth of NeatoShop merchandise (or a free tee shirt) for helping us get the word out about Homes and Hues and the NeatoShop. Here’s just a sampling of some of the great home merchandise you can get you could win (or buy):

Posters & Canvas Prints

There’s nothing more boring than a plain white wall, so if you’re ready to spruce up your living space in the most cheap and quick way possible, head over to the NeatoShop where you can get an unbelievable number of great posters and canvas prints. Whether you like sci fi favorites, cutesy critters, fantasy, zombies or awesome art, we’re sure the shop has something you’ll simply love –like this Lichtenstein-inspired Star Wars print.

Wall Flower Hanging Vase

This cool Wall Flower Hanging Vase sticks to your wall using a suction cup, allowing you to hang flowers all along your wall. It’s a great way to spruce up your office, a small dining area, your bathroom and anywhere else in your home that would look good with a few solo floral stems.

Flower and Napkin Holders

If you want something beautiful to decorate your dining room table with, these Flower and Napkin Holders double as a place setting and a decoration. Every guest at your next dinner party will be happy to get their every own flower at their seat.

St. Germain Liqueur Vase

There’s something wonderful about the beautiful bottle of St. Germain Liqueur. In fact, even those who aren’t fans of the elderflower flavored spirit can still enjoy this gorgeous vase cut from one of the company’s bottles. Of course, if you prefer Grey Goose, Tanqueray, Absolute Vodka or X-Rated Fusion Liiqueur, the shop carries vases cut from all of these bottles as well.

Rotating Photo Frame

This cool 4”x4” Rotating Photo Frame holds up to six pictures and rotates wherever you put it. It runs on a simple AA battery, so keeping it powered is no big issue.

Big Foot Shadow Cast

Candles certainly bring a bit of sophistication to any space, but if you want a little something special in your home, why not enjoy the flickering shadow of everyone’s favorite cryptid, Big Foot. This cool wooden, laser cut Big Foot Shadow Cast is lit up with a simple tea light. Alternatively, the shop also carries a zombie version and one showing ninjas fighting zombies.

Spider Web Table Runner

Looking for the perfect spooky accessory for your dining room? Then check out this great Spider Web Table Runner that is the perfect balance of creepy and classy. After all, you don’t need to be Morticia Addams to have a table that’s both mysterious and spooky.

Skellington Skull and Crossbones Decanter

You don’t need to fill your decanter with poison to look cool drinking out of something marked with skull and crossbones. And this Skellington Skull and Crossbones Decanter is about as classy as you can get while drinking out of something so downright spooky.

Zombie Gnome

Here’s another must-have for anyone setting up a spooky setting in their home –a creepy Zombie Gnome perfect for creeping out neighborhood kids and local feral cats alike. Just don’t be surprised if your other gnomes start disappearing or turning into flesh eaters.

Zombie Alarm Clock

If you like zombie stuff, you’ll have a hard time finding a place that carries half of the NeatoShop’s impressive zombie collection –in part because many of the creations it carries are custom made specifically for the site. This Zombie Alarm Clock is a great way to add a little dead flavor to your bedroom décor.

Bad Egg Egg Cup

Are you a bad egg with manners? Then prove it with this delightful Bad Egg Egg Cup, which is so cool that it won’t be long until all the egg cups are starting to follow in its tracks.

Angry Chef Towel Stand

Hopefully you never get this angry while cooking, but having a butcher knife jabbed into a wood block in your kitchen is a great way to send a message to not mess with the chef. Best of all, you can even use the Angry Chef Towel Stand to hold your paper towels!

Cat Teepee Playhouse

Every cat needs a good place to sleep and this Cat Teepee is a fantastic funhouse perfect for naptime and playtime. If your kitty prefers playing as a cowboy instead of an Indian, then you might prefer this Cat Cabin version instead.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Whatever kind of TV shows, movies, animals or national monument you enjoy, the NeatoShop is sure to have some kind of salt and pepper shaker that will be perfect to spice up your table –like this adorable Muppets Gang Salt and Pepper Set.

Tee Shirts

Don’t let your closet look naked. One of the biggest attractions of the NeatoShop is the selection of thousands of great tee shirts and hoodies like this Indiana Mouse design. From geeky, pop culture designs to trippy artist creations, the shop carries some of the coolest threads you’re likely to ever spot online, and most of them can also be printed on bags, baby onesies, posters, canvas prints, wall decals, stickers and magnets if you aren’t a huge fan of tees.

So now that you’re all excited about all the great goodies you could get from the NeatoShop, here’s how you can win $100 worth of merchandise from the shop or one of two free NeatoShop tee. Just log in to the form below (we need you to log in to get your email to contact the winner, but we will not spam you or add you to any mailing lists) and participate in the activities. We'll randomly pick one grand prize winner and two second place winners withing 48 hours of the contest ending on March 20 at 11:59 PM PST.

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15 Fun Home Goodies From the NeatoShop (And How to Win $100 in Merchandise)