16 Easy and Fun Easter Decorations You Can Make Last Minute

This year, Easter seems too early and too late all at once. It’s no wonder so few of us have started decorating yet. But it’s not too late. Here are 16 simple decorations you can make yourself to spruce up your home before the big day.

Spring Greetings

A bright bouquet, a cookie jar and some colorful eggs make for a great centerpiece that’s sure to bring cheer to your dinner table as Midwest Living shows us.

Spring Centerpieces

A glass apothecary jar and some elegant colored eggs can make for a simple, yet stunning centerpiece, especially when accompanied by a few other similar jars or when set in the middle of a nest of birch branches as Camie of Home is Where They Love You demonstrates here.

Basket of Bulbs

You see plenty of Easter baskets this time of year, but most are designed for kids and too cutesy to work as a good centerpiece. This version by Martha Stewart though looks more like a natural forest scene that just happens to come in the shape of a basket. With festive bulbs, eggs and bunnies (or pom pom chicks), it’s a perfect way to get a touch of the holiday without making your table look too kiddy.

Easter Centerpiece

For a centerpiece that really lights up your table, these clever designs created by Craft Ideas are a great option. A wine glass, a tea light insert, a tea light and your choice of Easter-themed accents are all you need to make a classy centerpiece that can add a little romantic candlelight for your meal.

Pallet Pleaser

By turning a pallet into a flower box and then filling that flower box with a few bouquets, brown paper, moss and a few eggs, Migonis Home shows you how to make something simple into a stunning centerpiece that’s perfect for Easter.

Eggshell Vases

Flowers and eggs reflect spring’s role in the seasonal cycle, offering a glimmer of hope and warm weather after the frozen winter months. This lovely floral arrangement by Martha Stewart brings these two spring icons together in one lovely display. You can find out how to make an ostrich egg into a vase on her site.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to spend the money on an ostrich egg, you can also make smaller bouquets in regular blown eggs as Martha Stewart and HGTV demonstrate.

For a longer-lasting solution, just add some soil to your egg and plant a small plant inside as Midwest Living did here. When you’re done with the display, you can just plant the whole thing in your garden.

Egg Shaped Topiary

You can also make your home have a spring feel by adding flowers that happen to be in the shape of an egg. This lovely topiary by Martha Stewart uses real hyacinth blossoms pinned to the Styrofoam with pearl-topped pins for a particularly luxurious feel.

Spring Nests

On the other hand, you don’t need to have an egg, or even an egg-shape, in your bouquet to incorporate the iconography of spring. Simply wrapping a basket with birch branches to make it into a nest will add the same feel to your floral arrangement as Martha Stewart explains in this tutorial.

Doily Basket

Speaking of nests, these doily versions are a great way to add a delicate touch to your Easter décor.  As Martha Stewart points out, they can even make a great home accessory all year long –although I suggest removing the eggs and birds after spring is over.

Egg Baskets

You can also make your basket look like an egg with a little string, a balloon and some starch. The Boutique Girls has instructions so you can make these for yourself. Best of all, they can be left whole to use as décor, or you can cut a hole in them and use them as an Easter basket for your kids.

Easter Egg Tree

In some countries, like Germany and Austria, the fun doesn’t stop after you decorate your eggs, you also need to put them on display by hanging them on the branches of trees. This tip from Martha Stewart offers an attractive way to bring this tradition indoors.

Alternatively, if you happen to have any artificial trees or even a large candelabra, you can always hang your eggs from these instead. As Martha Stewart's blog shows, a feather tree is particularly well suited for this purpose.

Egg Tree

If you don’t like the idea of hanging eggs off of tree branches, perhaps the idea of a tree that grows eggs will seem more seasonal to you. Foam glitter eggs can be stuck at the end of tree branches without any gluing and if you want to spruce up a pot, Crafty Sisters point out that you can also slice the eggs in half and glue them onto your container’s sides.

Easter Wreath

We have wreaths for Christmas, so why not spring when our plants really show their true beauty? This lovely Easter wreath on Decorating Ideas Made Easy features speckled eggs, delicate greenery and carrots to incorporate all the great iconography of the season.

Candy lovers will certainly love the idea of a Peeps wreath like this one by Our Best Bites, but be sure to keep this one protected or weather-sealed though or you could end up with a big, sticky, rainbow-colored mess on your door.

For a fresher option, Good House Keeping has directions to make an Easter wreath from fresh flowers.

Showers and Flowers

If you don’t like mixing classic winter decorating ideas with spring themes, you might instead choose to celebrate all those April showers that lead to May flowers with an umbrella filled with a lovely floral arrangement and a few seasonal eggs. Midwest Living can tell you how to make your own.

Egg Garland

Blown eggs, dye and a little ribbon are all you need to put together a great Easter garland like this one from Martha Stewart or this one from HGTV.

Of course, if you aren’t very good at blowing eggs, you can always use plastic eggs with holes drilled at both ends and though it won’t look nearly as delicate or elegant as the ones made with natural eggs, as Honey and Fitz shows, it still looks quite festive and fun.

Magic Jelly Bean Seeds

Here’s a fun way to decorate outside and bring a little magic to your kid’s Easter. The day before everyone’s favorite bunny starts hopping by, have the kids plant jelly beans “seeds” in your yard. Then when the little ones are asleep, pick up the jelly beans and “plant” lollipops in the ground for a delightful lollipop garden that seems to have sprouted from candy. Beauty and Bedlam suggests that if you have particularly observant kids to make sure you plant suckers in the same color as the jelly bean seeds.

Whatever you do this Easter, may you have a delightfully cheerful spring day filled with all the Peeps and deviled eggs you can stomach.

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16 Easy and Fun Easter Decorations You Can Make Last Minute