16 Helpful Solutions to Hide the Eyesores in Your Home

From thermostat controls to dog crates and from terrible tile to cord pile-ups, everyone has some horrible eyesores in their home. But you don't have to just accept these ugly accents -you can do something about them and here are a few handy ideas to make your space look as presentable as possible.

Charging Spaces

Nothing can instantly make a counter or tabletop look more cluttered like setting a few electronics on it to charge. So how can you give your goodies the juice they need while keeping the wire mess out of the way? Set aside a drawer with a power strip on the inside just for charging. Just remember to shorten the back of the drawer to give the power strip cord enough space in the back. This specific drawer decor was done by LGB Interiors.

Computer Cords

Speaking of cord disasters, it can be a serious nightmare to deal with all those cords and cables in the back of your desk. Rather than letting them hang around all over, try installing some short shelves and hooks under your desk, like Andrea Dekker did, to get rid of the clutter.

Alternatively, as Life Hacker points out, attaching a peg board to the back or bottom of your desk can offer a great way to wire or zip tie all your power strips and cables away. Depending on your layout, you can even hide your modem and router this way.

Television Cables

Once you hide all the cables in your home office, it's time to tackle the TV area. Most entertainment centers are built with plenty of holes and spaces to hide your wires, but if you hang your flat screen right on the wall though, things aren't so simple. Sawdust Girl has a great solution that involves adding a little fun trim around your television that also happens to hide all those unsightly wires.

Exposed Cords

Sometimes you just can't hide away all of your cords. For the cables that just have to be out in public sight, you can at least keep them out of the way and make them look good with these cute cable clips.

Ugly Printers

Printers aren't exactly pretty, but they are still pretty handy to have around the house. Putting the printer in a drawer is a great solution if you have any drawers near your workstation, if you use a wireless printer or if you carry your portable device over to the printer when you print. You'll need to leave a hole in the back of the drawer for your cord and you'll probably want to remove the front of the drawer to make it a flip-down facade, but those two things are relatively simple as PBJ Stories explains.

Wall A/C Units

Just because you use an air conditioner during the summer doesn't mean you need to see it all year round. Fortunately, Decor Hacks is here to show you how to construct a simple chalkboard cover that is not only more attractive than the A/C, but also a lot more functional than an unused air conditioner. It's even equipped with insulation so cold air can't get inside during those cool winter months.

Thermostat and Alarm Panels

You can always hang a picture over one of these rather thin control panels, but removing the frame every time you want to use the thermostat or alarm control unit can be a pain. Instead, consider attaching a picture to the wall with hinges so you can easily pull the frame back, use the control panel and then push the image back against the wall. Bliss Bloom Blog can show you how.

Cheap Appliances

Sure, stainless steel dishwashers and refrigerators look great, but not everyone wants to get rid of their existing models or pay extra for a pretty finish. There's an easy and inexpensive alternative available though, with some stainless steel contact paper, you can transform your appliance in no time. Julie Blanner has the directions for all you DIYers.

A Boring Refrigerator

Alternatively, a few layers of chalkboard paint can change a fridge from a place where you hang your kid's art into a place for your child to make art. It's also a great place to write daily motivations and grocery lists. Erin Lauray documented her paint job and the results look fabulous.

Tacky Tile Flooring

Don't have the money to retile your whole floor but can't stand the linoleum or ceramic tile you have right now? Well, you don't need to change out the tiles just to make them look better. You can actually paint your tiles to create exactly the look you want with a budget you can afford. The Moon and Me can show you how -just make sure to properly seal the paint as flooring takes a lot more beating than most paint surfaces.

A Boring Bathtub

We've featured some breathtaking tubs before, but for those who don't have the budget or space for the bathtub of their dreams, Lovely Crafty Dreams can show you how to use Airstone to give your bathtub some style. A little gluing and a little trim can take your tub from drab to fab in no time.

Corny Curtain Rods

There are some curtain rods out there that beg to be put on display, but then others are just plain hideous. If you have curtain rods from the later group, Family Handy Man can show you how to build a window cornice to cover up the top of your curtains. As an extra bonus, the top of the cornice can be used as a shelf to add even more striking accents to your space.

Pet Supplies

Having a dog is great, but having their messy food bowls, toys and other items lying around the house isn't so wonderful. This cool Pet Feeding Hutch by Bailey Fine Pet Furniture gives you a storage area for your pooch's toys, a food bin to store his kibble and a pullout feeding area. The feeding space is high enough that most dogs won't make a huge mess while eating out of it, but if you also store the dog's water bowl in the hutch, make sure to have a second bowl available somewhere else or only close the drawer up when you have company over so your dog doesn't get dehydrated.

A Dingy Dog Crate

Similarly, crate training your dog is a great way to potty train your pup and ensure he doesn't destroy your home while you're not home, but dog crates tend to be serious eyesores. This cool dog crate cover turns a metal mess into a chic pooch cabana.

Awkward Transitions

Does the tile backsplash in your kitchen abruptly end when it goes back to your regular wallpaper or paint? Opal Design Group points out that clever addition of shelf support molding can make the transition suddenly seem seamless.

Basement Supports

If you have support beams throughout your basement, you're pretty much stuck with the load-bearing bummers. But you don't have to leave the exposed poles looking bland. The Yellow Cape Cod suggests using pine boards and moldings to turn the poles into classy-looking columns. They also note that it's a great way to add a few extra outlets into your basement.

If your home's biggest eyesores include clutter, don't miss these fantastic kitchen storage systems and these incredible storage solutions for small spaces.

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16 Helpful Solutions to Hide the Eyesores in Your Home