16 Home Offices You Wish You Could Use As A Write Off This Year

With Tuesday’s tax deadline looming, it seems only appropriate to look at something many of us have to work into our forms, the marvelous and terrifying home office. These works spaces can be an oppressive reminder of your never-ending to-do list, or a refreshing place to get away from the hustle and bustle of your home life and settle down to get things done. However you feel about your home office though, you’re likely to feel a lot better about it if it’s at least an attractive place to look at and here are a few residential workspaces we wouldn’t mind settling into.

Small And Stunning

You don’t always need a large space to get a lot done. In fact, some people just need a place to sit down and work on their computer. This closet-turned-office may not be spacious, but with its hanging bar of office supplies and beautiful blue wall paper, it’s a lovely space to get things done –especially if you’re the blogger behind IHeartOrganizing.

Under the Stairway

Usually the space under the stairs is reserved for storage, but this clever design by Sage Design Studio turns the below-the-steps space into a compact basement workstation. Of course, it’s not to say there’s no storage here -the angled areas directly below the steps themselves make for useful office storage in the form of shelves, drawers and cupboards.


Few people need full access to their office 24/7, which is the brilliance behind this space-saving design by Min Day. When in use, the wooden seat with built-in storage can be pulled out to create a comfortable desk. When the work day is done though, the seat can be pushed in, leaving a storage unit featuring an attractive open space for a computer, books and a few other knick knacks.

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Office Armoire

Here’s another clever hidden desk option. Just open the Seymour Office Home Armoire and pull out the keyboard tray to create a desk then close everything up when you’re done. Unfortunately, Pottery Barn discontinued the design, but it can still serve as good inspiration to repurpose an armoire you buy on Craigslist.

Via Freshome 

Quiet and Cozy

The beauty of this design by The Cross Design is its simplicity. The small desk and its contents can be wheeled away when not in use, the bookshelf wallpaper gives the illusion of a quiet library space without the clutter and the blackboard wall is perfect for taking notes or drawing out big ideas.

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Efficient and Modern

The K Workstation by Miso Soup Design offers shelving and a desk space in one piece that simply attaches to your wall. It’s a wonderful way to make the most out of a small workspace.

Pretty In Pallets

What happens when someone obsessed with repurposing old junk ends up with too many pallets? She creates a stunning wooden desk, of course. This massive, 12’ long desk fits perfectly beside her lengthy office window and the rustic wood perfectly complements the bushes and trees outside the glass. When paired with a vintage ironing board attached to an industrial-style light, the rustic theme really sinks in, making it an easy place for the writer of Funky Junk Interiors to settle down and get working.

The Window Office

Studio ST gave this New York duplex a massive makeover. In the process, they created this stunning office space with a view overlooking the terrace and the cityscape in general. The built-in desk and bookshelves give the space a feeling of stability even as one watches the skyline change throughout the years.

Simple and Elegant

Between the chandelier, the marble desk and the cozy window seat, this modern office space by Jennifer Pacca Interiors is as serene as it is functional.

Gorgeous and Glamorous

Patterned charcoal wallpaper, creamy lacquered desk, imposing chandelier, blue velvet and silver silk work together to make this office design by Exuberant Home an ideal workspace for a chic woman in high society.

Tradition and Innovation

With an impressive mix of new and old design influences, this office by Christine Jones is as familiar and regal as it is exciting and welcoming.

Get The Juices Flowing

Between the comic book wallpaper, the raw brick wall, the industrial light and the wooden crate shelves, this home office by Leivars is one heck of a place to spawn creativity.

Keep 'Em Separated

Some telecommuters need a way to separate their workspace from their home space and while a chunk of an old Hungarian bus isn’t going to work for everyone, it’s certainly a great way to make a distinction between where you work and where you play.

Via Freshome

Making the Most of Your Space

Sometimes workers don’t have enough living space in their home to make room for work space; that’s when having a garage comes in handy. This impressive garage renovation by Architecten En En turns a carport into a professional-looking office space.

Outside the Commotion

Despite the name, there’s nothing that says a home office must actually be located inside your home itself. In fact, some of the most impressive designs are those that occupy separate structures. This backyard office by Sett Studio provides the worker with a separate area to focus on work with limited distractions. At only 92 square-feet, it doesn’t take up much space, but it can make a world of difference when it comes to productivity.

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Pleased As Pod

Along those same lines is the OfficePOD. This cool building arrives in small components so you can put it together anywhere and comes with a desk, storage, lighting, power, ventilation and heating built in. You can even add in air conditioning for an extra charge. Just build this bad boy in your backyard and you instantly have a private office outside the home but still on your property.

Even if you don’t yet have a home office, remember that with the increased number of people telecommuting to work every year there’s a good chance you’ll work from your own house at some point. So whatever your situation, these are all great opportunities to day dream how to make your own home office a wonderful, comfortable place to work.

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16 Home Offices You Wish You Could Use As A Write Off This Year