18 Space Saving Ideas Perfect for Any Small Home

It seems every house could use a little more space, but small homes really need a helping hand when it comes to making the residence feel comfortable and uncluttered. These eighteen products and hacks can help you feel like you finally have some room to stretch out, even if you live in a tiny studio.

Over-the-Sink Cutting Board

This clever design ensures even the smallest kitchen can add on some much needed counter space, but unlike similar over-the-sink designs, this one still lets you take advantage of the sink with the draining bowl perfect for storing cut veggies or rinsing food before you prep it.

Folding Cheese Grater

There’s something about the standing cheese grater that works so much better than the flat ones. Unfortunately, this advantage is negated when you have to put the bulky thing away. But thanks to the Joseph Joseph Fold Flat Space Saving Kitchen Grater, you can enjoy the benefits of a square cheese grater without dealing with the storage headache. In fact, it could fit just perfectly under your folded colander.

Fix Those False-Front Drawers

False front drawers might be installed where a real drawer would be impossible, but that doesn’t mean they have to exist solely for vanity’s sake. With a hinge, you can turn these normally useless additions into a small storage space for sponges, makeup or other under-the-sink goodies. The DIY Club has all the instructions you need to fix up your false fronts.

Make Cupboard Doors Useful

Similarly, there’s no reason your cupboard drawers need to sit around doing nothing but hiding the contents stored inside. Instead, make them work with you with some hangers or some chalkboard paint. Or, you can follow in the steps of Tidbits from the Tremaynes to do both at the same time, creating a great place to store your measuring utensils and put up a simple measuring conversion chart.

Cupboard Side Storage

With a few towel racks and hooks, even the sides of your cupboards can be made more functional. In fact, they can provide a perfect space for holding kitchen tools or even small pots and pans. Not Martha has the directions to do this yourself, but she notes that you don’t want to do this to cabinets you like as it will leave large holes in the sides of your cupboards.

Magnetized Spice Jars

These days, you can buy pre-made magnetized spice jars, but these are both expensive and smaller than what most people need. If you prefer the cheaper, DIY route, One Lucky Pickle has all the instructions you need to turn empty baby food jars into a spice rack that sticks right to your fridge. You can even decorate and label them according to your current design theme. If you want to make your labels look professional and adorable, consider having them printed at iCustomLabel.com.

Rolling Mini-Pantry

Pantries are amazing sources of storage, but many homes just don’t have space for one. If you just can’t live without a special space for your canned goods though, you won’t want to miss this tutorial from Classy Clutter that shows you how to make a mini-pantry that can squeeze in right beside your refrigerator.

Dishwasher Drawers

Don’t have the space for a full dishwasher but wish you did? Then consider working one or two dishwasher drawers into your existing cabinets. These devices take up less space than a standard dishwasher and you can choose to run both drawers or just one at a time, saving water and power based on your needs.

Under the Cabinet Drawers

When you have a tiny space, you really should take advantage of every inch. In the kitchen, that means using even the baseboards under your cabinets as extra storage. This tutorial by the Family Handyman can show you how –and remember, the cabinets in your bathroom could probably use the same treatment.

Stair Drawers

Again, a small home calls for massive amounts of storage and with the help of Stair Storage Co., you can make sure that you don’t waste an inch –even in the space under your stairs. The company’s sleek, custom drawers are a unique solution that provides a surprisingly large amount of storage space.

Wooden Couch Arm Wrap

Don’t have room for an end table in your living room? Sure you do. Just head to Bliss Craft and Blazen’s Etsy shop and get one of these great end tables that sits securely on the arm of your sofa.

Shoe-Storing Ottoman

Ottomans are great for small homes because so many of them offer storage in plain sight. You can even get one with a guest bed built in. We’re particularly big on this Overstock design that is ideal for studio dwellers who can’t get enough footwear.

The Ping Pong Door

Plenty of people love to play table tennis, but finding a space for a table is a challenge for those who can hardly fit a full-size dining table in their house. Fortunately, designer Tobias Franzel has a novel solution –a door that can be flipped to make a ping pong table. Just flip it out, set up the net and you’re ready to go.

The Folding Balcony

Have a small apartment you wish was bigger? Well, a balcony can open up a whole new space, but it can also be incredibly expensive to install and it may be difficult to get permits to add a balcony on an existing structure. With the Bloomframe though, you'll just be adding in a new window -one that just happens to fold out into a glass balcony when you want to step outside and enjoy the sunlight.


Then again, perhaps you have a balcony but not much else in terms of space. Well, at least you can better take advantage of this space with the balKonzept from Rephorm Haus. The simple plastic design can be easily attached to a balcony railing and provides a table and a bucket. You can use it as a planter/desk combo or a table with an ice bucket –no matter what, it will make your balcony a lot more pleasant and functional.


Rephorm Haus prides themselves on their designs for those with limited space. To that end, their Flatmate desk is perfect for small hallways and rooms where a traditional desk would be totally impractical no matter how much it is needed. The slim cabinet can store software, files or even a thin desktop PC. It’s equipped with electric plugs and a light so when you need to work, you can simply fold down the front, pull up a chair and get started.

Alternatively, the Podpad may work for you if you only have a laptop or tablet.

Pocketed Shower Curtain

There are a lot of storage options for showers and tubs out there, but few are as versatile as this pocketed shower curtain from Casa. Even if you have plenty of storage space on the inside of your bath area, you can turn the curtain to face the rest of the bathroom and make up for a lack of cupboards and shelves.

Shower Rings With Hooks

On a similar note, you can also make the most of your bathroom space with these cool shower rings with hooks sold on Quirky. They’re useful for all sorts of purposes, but if you don’t have a towel rack in your bathroom, they might just be your favorite bathroom innovation of the year.

Remember, the smaller your space, the more important it is to take advantage of every inch. Don’t be afraid to innovate and if you need a few more helpful storage ideas for your kitchen, this article can help.

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18 Space Saving Ideas Perfect for Any Small Home