18 Utterly Awesome Kid’s Beds

We’ve seen amazing Disney-themed rooms and cool custom kid’s furniture available on Etsy, but every youngster needs a safe place to curl up and nap, which is why we thought it was high time to check out some of the coolest kid’s beds available.


Whether you have a princess or a knight, they’re certain to love this wonderful castle Murphy bed by Tiny Town Studios. Best of all, when the drawbridge is up, your royal highness will have even m ore space to live out his or her medieval fantasies beside the castle walls.

Western Saloon

If your cowpoke is getting restless for more action or adventure, this western saloon loft bed/playhouse by Tiny Town Studios is a perfect place to play, sleep and rustle cattle.


Your hero of the Wild West doesn’t need to be stuck in a saloon though, he or she could also hit the trail in this great chuckwagon bed by Posh Tots. This toddler bed even comes with a changing station built in.


Incredibeds turns children’s beds into cool characters, from Hello Kitty to giant teddy bears. We’re particularly into this amazing Spider-Man bed as every child could sleep a lot easier knowing they are protected by their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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While plenty of kids have racecar beds, how many have Batmobiles of their very own? Shorty’s Creations Etsy shop features multiple sizes of Batmobile beds, some of which are even sold with matching dressers and nightstands.


Of course, that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with a racecar bed –especially when it comes with its own garage playhouse like this one by Wendy Young Design.

John Deere

Does your kid love tractors and other big machines? Then he’ll love this impressive John Deere tractor bed by Etsy seller Fine Nest Furnishings.


When your boy wants a tractor like the big yellow ones he sees on construction sites, head over to The Playbed Company’s Etsy where you can get your hands on this tough-looking bed with a tractor shovel shelf and a crawler track toy bin.


The Playbed Company also has Thomas the Tank fans covered with this wonderful train bed with built in storage in the engine compartment.

Red Baron

Snoopy isn’t the only one who dreams of flying the high skies while lying in bed. If your little one wishes they could play with the loveable Beagle by flying as the Red Baron, they would quickly fall in love with this bed by SonoranSandman that comes complete with a spinning propeller and a four-drawer dresser.

F15 Strike Eagle

When your little pilot outgrows the Red Baron bed, don’t worry, SonoranSandman has a more mature version as well –an F15 Strike Eagle with a cockpit and a bookshelf.

Pirate Ship

There will always be those who would rather be Jack Sparrow than Maverick and SonoranSandman has a few pirate beds for those youngsters too. We particularly like this one with blue portals, a wheel up top and a mast that hides a chest perfect for smuggling booty.

Viking Ship

When it comes to ship beds though, it’s pretty hard to beat the majesty of this epic Viking bed by Posh Tots. With a Jolly Roger flag, a play area on the quarter deck and a dragon figurehead, this ship is awesome from stern to bow.


A cool bed theme can extend beyond the bed itself and even be incorporated into the wall mural behind it –like in this fantastic dinosaur bed that transforms a basic mural into a cool 3D bedding concept. The bottom jaw even contains a hidden storage box. This great design was created by Bonnie  of Jupiter, FL.

Via Freshome


Artist Yusuke Suzuki created this bed which is both a comfy sleeping area and a fantastic playroom. Just open the pages of the book and your little one’s imagination can run wild whether they are playing in the real world or the dreamscape.

Wrestling Ring

You don’t need to go overboard to make an impressive kid’s bed. Mayssa Al Ghawas’ wrestling ring bed takes a simple bed frame design and makes it something delightfully new simply by adding a few posts, some ropes and a cool paint job.

Stay and Play

If you’re looking for something a bit modern –in fact, something almost space-age looking, it’s hard to beat this brilliant playhouse/bunk bed by S. Donadic Inc. The piece even has a built in climbing wall and chalkboard.

Modern Marvels

Another great modern design, this loft bed by Bipede provides play space, a closet and stairs with built-in shelves leading to the bed itself.

Of course, even if you don’t have kids of your own, it’s totally understandable to love these beds anyway –even if you couldn’t really sleep comfortably in them yourself.

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18 Utterly Awesome Kid’s Beds