The Best Star Wars Furniture That Imperial Credits Can Buy


These ARE the Star Wars-inspired furniture you've been looking for! If you're a Star Wars lovers looking to decorate your home with desks, beds, chairs, coffee tables inspired by the sci-fi series, you've come to the right place. From the amazing creations of Tom Spina and his crew over at Tom Spina Designs (The Force is strong with them - many of their creations have gone viral on the Web) to talented DIYers building their own furnishings, let's take a look at 20 pieces of the Best Star Wars Furniture that Imperial Credits Can Buy.

1. Hoth Wampug Cave Dog Bed

Tom Spina Designs created this super cool (get it?) Wampa-inspired Hoth Wampug Cave for Kristen Andrews' Internet-famous pet pug Chubbs the Wampug.

View more details over at Tom Spina Designs' Custom Ice Cave Dog Bed for Chubbs the Wampug page, but first, check out this recreation of the Wampa attack scene, featuring Chubbs the Wampug:

2. Death Star Wall Tiles

That's no moon! When his client wanted a sci-fi inspired custom home theater, artist and designer Victor Brown (Facebook page) fully realized the power of the Dark Side with this Death Star Home Theater. Brown collaborated with Tom Spina Designs to craft wall tiles that will remind any Star Wars fan of the Death Star Trench run scene from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

More details at Tom Spina Design's website.

3. Starfighter Bedroom

Renowned artist and designer Jason Hulfish specializes in creating custom-themed children's rooms, custom furniture and large-scale murals for over 20 years. His work, like this fantastic Starfighter Bedroom, featuring a starship bed with sound effects and supporting wall murals, has been featured on TV shows like Spike TV's Bar Rescue and HGTV's Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The set shown below is available at Posh Tots, at prices starting at $15,000:

View more of Jason's amazing custom-themed children's rooms over at his website and Facebook page.

4. Millenium Falcon Bed

She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid! Austin, Texas-based artist Kayla Kromer (@KaylaKro) has made a lot of special modifications herself. Kromer took a round junk heap of a bed and turned it into this beauty: the Millenium Falcon Bed.

A few pics from the build process:

View more photos of the amazing Millenium Falcon bed over at Kromer's Facebook page.

Photo: Heather Leah Kennedy

5. The Droid Leg Lamp

It's a major award!

The box probably said "Fra-Gee-Lay" - it must be Italian! Too bad we don't have a protocol droid fluent in over six million forms of communications to translate. Oh wait ...

Gordon Tarpley of The Kneadable Eraser created this Star Wars / A Christmas Story mash up version of the Leg Lamp featuring parts of C-3PO and R2-D2, after his wife suggested it in a joke. We're glad that he did, because it's indescribably beautiful! Like the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window, of course.

Photo: Gordon Tarpley/Flickr

6. Han Solo in Carbonite Desk

No list about Star Wars furniture is complete without mentioning this world famous Han Solo in Carbonite Desk. The desk is perfect for Jabba the Hutt's Tatooine desert palace or the homes of any self-respecting Star Wars fans.

Tom Spina and Richard Riley of Tom Spina Designs created the Han Solo in Carbonite Desk back in 2008 for the home theater/office of Mark Hall, the lead singer of Grammy Award-winning group Casting Crowns.

The metal and fiberglass-resin desk is made from four main components: the glass top, the frozen block and two side supports with lights. The frozen "carbonite" block is a custom fabricated steel block with resin sculpture of the frozen Han Solo. The side supports are machine-cut steel with tinted acrylic sheets and internal lighting. The details, as you can see in the gallery below, is amazing:

Photo via Gizmodo

7. Chewbacca Sofa

We're not sure whether Nersi Nasseri of New York-based design company SENTIENT set out to create a Chewbacca sofa, but we all know that it's not wise to upset a wookiee, so let's say that he did.

The SENTIENT Long Wool Sofa, as the furniture is formally called, is created with reclaimed oak, sawn from salvaged timbers or reclaimed from 200-year-old lumber and planks. The sofa's soft furry cover is Icelandic lamb wool, made from the fleece of Icelandic sheep that is dual-coated and comes in undyed colors. The wool is quite long - up to 8 inches in length - and looks just like Chewbacca's fur. All the sofa's missing is Chewie's trademark bandoleer ...

View more over at SENTIENT's website - via Incredible Things and Technabob.

8. X-Wing Bed

A long, long time ago in a bedroom far, far away, Imgur user DarthDaddy42 created this phenomenal X-Wing Starfighter Bed for his Star Wars-loving kid. The X-Wing bed features a cockpit complete with a monitor and hidden DVD player, an R2-D2-shaped cooler stocked with sodas and refreshments for intergalactic flights, and movable wings.

Perfect for a Death Star Trench run or, you know, sleeping at night.

View the originals over at DarthDaddy42's imgur album.

9. Steampunk AT-AT Liquor Cabinet

Perhaps all these cool Star Wars furniture pieces are so overwhelmingly awesome that they're driving you to drink. Well, you're in luck! Vancouver, Canada artist Colin Johnson has created The Emperor's Cabinet, a one-of-a-kind liquor cabinet shaped like the AT-AT (or the Imperial Walker). Johnson created it out of high density plywood, mahogany veneer, brass trim, glass and pure awesomeness.

View the originals over at Johnson's blog - via Make

10. Millenium Falcon Bean Bag Chair

Spanish design studio Woouf in Barcelona collaborated with Adidas to create this 8-1/2 feet (2.6 m) long Millenium Falcon bean bag chair to celebrate the shoemaker's new line of Star Wars-themed sneakers back in 2010. We're not sure whether this Millenium Falcon has hidden compartments for smuggling things - all those secret places are probably already filled with beans.

Photo: Woouf Barcelona/Flickr

11: AT-AT Walker Bunk Bed

This highly detailed AT-AT Walker Bunk Bed, built by Brad Hartcher for his 9-year-old son, went viral around the Web a while ago. It took 5 months to build and the head even moves side to side.

12. Three-Level Imperial Walker Bunk Bed

Gizmodo reader Jonathan's mother's new house is rather small - so when she wanted to let her grandkids sleep over, Jonathan sprung into action and built this awesome three-level bunk bed shaped like the AT-AT Imperial Walker.

"I built the triple bunk bed for my mother's new home to be used by my son, and nephews. My mother moved into a small home without much of a yard and was looking for a creative way to entertain the grandchildren while at the same time solving the problem of limited sleeping space and limited square footage. The beds could, however, take advantage of her 10 foot ceilings," Jonathan wrote to Gizmodo. "I've always been a big Star Wars fan and was looking for a subject that made sense for this design. A Walker already had four legs and it seemed an obvious choice to base my design on. I wanted it to look as real as possible. In order to accomplish movement, I made the bunk beds appear to be walking. I also made several additions to the beds, for example a complete Hoth lego display case on the second level as well as additional areas for the kids to play and climb."

It took Jonathan 300 to 400 hours to complete the Three-Level Imperial Walker Bunk Bed, but the result is definitely worth it!

View the gallery over at Gizmodo.

13. AT-AT Bed by Derek Dutilly

Derek Dutilly built this awesome AT-AT bed for his four-year-old son. Dutilly spent 60 hours over 6 and a half week to build the bed out of two-by-fours, MDF fiberboards and masonite boards, with the cannons from PVC pipes.

View the original photos over at the Dutilly Family Blog.

14. AT-ST Scout Walker Cat Playhouse

YouTube Link - via Obvious Winner

Is this the luckiest kitty in the Galactic Empire? Kenneth Starling built this AT-ST Scout Walker cat playhouse for his cat Buffy - it took him 4 weekends to build the Star Wars-themed cat playhouse from scrap wood left over from his home renovation projects.

15. X-Wing Fighter Coffee Table

"I noticed no one has done an X-Wing coffee table," said Barry Shields of Sevierville, Tennessee to Seattle PI, "so I thought I would give it a shot." It took Shields almost 6 months to carve it (we're glad that he stayed on target) out of poplar, pine, and black walnut wood. The top and bottom half of the X-Wing sculpture is bolted together on a glass plate. Shields is asking $5,500 for his creation, which given how long it took to create, came out to a very reasonable rate of $14 per hour.

View more over at Barry Shield's official website.

16. Star Wars Jungle Gym

This 1984 jungle gym by Gym-Dandy features the AT-ST Scout Walker command tower and a Scout trooper's 74-Z Speeder Bike swing. Perfect for the forest moon of Endor or your backyard.

Via Boing Boing and and Technabob

17. "The Lounger" Hover Chair

UK inventor Keith Dixon of Hoverit Ltd was inspired as a child by the hovering Landspeeder in Star Wars, so he decided to create one as an adult. Behold, the Lounger, a clear acrylic chair that "floats" in the air. Two sets of magnets, one set on the hovering chair and the other on the wheeled base, let you sit "like floating on a cloud."

The Lounger hover chair made its debut in 2008 at the (now defunct) British tech show Stuff Live.

18. Y-Wing Bed

The photos below show a Star Wars-themed bedroom in a house listed for sale back in 2009. The 3 beedroom, 2 and a half bathroom, Santa Barbara, California, single family residence - listed back then for $364,900 - was quite normal, except for this bedroom that featured a large Y-Wing bomber loft bed. The website is no longer active, but the Y-Wing Bed photos live on forever in the Web's collective memory.

19. Millenium Falcon Fort

When Christian Bentley was first diagnosed with leukemia, he carried his X-Box back and forth from the hospital to play his beloved Star Wars game. "At home, that Star Wars game pretty much kept him going," his grandmother Tracy Clark said.

So, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oklahoma asked him what he'd like, Christian said that he wanted a Star Wars-themed backyard. Richard Carver of Little Mountain Productions collaborated with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Christian's school, and the local firefighter to build make the boy's dream a reality with this Millenium Falcon clubhouse for his backyard.

View more photos of the installation and build over at Geekologie.

20. Star Wars-Inspired "Alderaandack" Chairs

These aren't your usual Adirondack chairs! Paul Ryan of Xtinct 3D Design in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, crafted these chair out of CNC-cut cedar wood. Despite the routered text on the R2-D2 Alderaandack Chair below, these ARE the chairs you've been looking for!

Bonus: Stormtrooper and Darth Vader Deck Chairs

Like that? You can make your own Star Wars deck chairs - like the folks over at GotWood Workshop in Dundee, United Kingdom, did. They created a series of Star Wars-inspired deck chairs that look like Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett for their own personal use.

View more photos at GotWood Workshop's Facebook page - via Craziest Gadgets

Bonus: Star Wars Concept Furnitures by Lucas Art

That Slave I Sofa and Han Solo in Carbonite cabinet would've been sweet! Alas, the only item that made it into production is the Wampa Rug. The rest, sadly, shall remain only as concept furniture.

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