20 Wonderful Pieces of Furniture For Pets

We love our pets, which is why we want to give them the best of everything –even pet furniture. And here is some of the greatest furniture our friends with four legs could ever hope to enjoy all to themselves.

Entry Room Table Crate

D.T. Carlson Co. transformed this lovely entry room table with a built in chalkboard into a functional dog crate so the pup can be the first thing the resident sees and tends to when returning home.

Desk Crate

Designer Jamie Kovach wanted something a bit more stylish when her dogs outgrew their puppy crate, so she opted to build her own design that would save space while providing the pups with a safe space of their own. The end result was this lovely desk crate.

Via Design Sponge

End Table Crate

ReFURbished Pet Beds transforms old, discarded furniture into pet beds. This end table/small dog crate is a particularly good example of their work and a stylish way to incorporate a dog crate into your living room décor.

Built In Dog Bed

Dogs are fantastic, but sometimes finding a good place for their bed can be difficult, but such is not the case with this clever built-in dog bed designed by RLH Studio. It lets the pets be part of the central home activity, without leaving them in the middle of everyone’s way.

Pet Murphy Bed

Here’s another space-saving pet bed option –a Murphy bed that can be pulled down when your pet needs a place to rest and put up when you need a little more foot room. You can even make your own thanks to this tutorial on This Old House.

Pet Camper

Was your dog born to roam? Then encourage his adventurous spirit with this adorable mini version of an Airstream trailer by Judson Beaumont.

Cat Console

So you don’t want to declaw your cat, but you also don’t want it clawing up your nice furniture, nor do you want a bunch of ugly cardboard scratchers lying around the house. What can you do? Head over to modernistcat’s Etsy store and get your hands on this stylish cat console. The shop even sells replacement scratching pads in case your feline wears out his or her scratcher or if you just need a new color accent in your home. The company sells all kinds of great mid-century-modernist pet furniture for both dogs and cats, so if you’re looking for a chic kitty litter hiding place or a fashionable dog crate, you’ll want to check out their other shop offerings as well.

Modernist Beds

If you need a pet bed to match your other new modernist pet furniture, visit cairudesign’s Etsy shop and check out their mid-century-modernist cat and dog beds

Star Trek Pet Bed

For a geekier and cheaper mid-century modern bedding option, you can always make your own pet bed based on these instructions from Our Nerd Home. Best of all, since it’s DIY, you can use any fabric you want on the bed to give it a touch of Star Wars, Muppets or any other nerdy obsession you and your pet happen to share.

Beds For a Pooch Princess

Every woman needs her beauty sleep, even if she’s a bit fluffy. For a bed that can come close to matching your pup’s unbeatable beauty, Sarai Michael Designs has you covered with all nature of stunning puppy beds certain to please even the pickiest bitch.

Three Dog Bed

For those with a trio of pups and a distinct desire for style, this elevated three dog bed from THHCreations would look fabulous at the foot of your bed or in the living room beside your couch. You’ll have to provide your own beds or padding to fill out each slot though.

A Real Cat Tree

Some cats think they really are little jaguars ready to hide in the shadows and pounce on their prey without a moment’s notice. If that sounds like your little fluff ball, then encourage those dreams with this literal cat tree from Cats Play.

Via Pets Lady

Indiana Jones Cat Bridge

Whether your cat’s an adventurer or a big fan of hanging around, this great rope bridge by CatastropiCreatations, who took inspiration from Indiana Jones, is a fun way to add a little geekiness to your home while also increasing the fun level for your feline.

Mario Cat Complex

For cats who prefer gaming to hanging around, CatastrophiCreations’ Mario cat complex is a fantastic feline playground. The two portals go into brick squares that are connected to one another through a tunnel. The front of the bricks can be removed so you can even watch your kitty reliving some of your favorite Mario moments right before your eyes.

Star Trek Cat Tree

Does your cat resemble an alien? Does he or she seem to have the mindset of a Klingon warrior? Then celebrate the feline’s otherworldliness with this cool Star Trek cat tree that not only features the USS Enterprise, but also a Romulan Bird of Prey. Best of all, it’s on Instructables thanks to user hatstand4510, so you can even make your own at home.

Kitty Benches

Plenty of people have window seats with storage underneath them, but for those who really love their felines, turning those cupboards into cubbies for kitties is a much more fun option –at least, from the cat’s perspective. This fun design was put together by Lynn Bichler Architects and created with modified Akurum Abstrakt kitchen cabinets from Ikea.

Via Ikea Hackers

Cat Tunnel Sofa

Admittedly, this might not be the most comfortable sofa ever made, but it’s certainly one of the most cat friendly. Korean designer Seungji Mun created the prototype with little more than large pipes and a lot of foam, but the end result looks much better than most of us could ever hope to create with such materials.

Via Pets Lady

Cat Radiator Bed

How’s a kitty to stay comfortably warm in the winter? By cozying up as close as possible to the radiator and with the Jolly Moggy Bamboo Radiator Cat Bed, it’s never been easier for kitties to do so.

Rocking 2-Gether

Wish you and your critter could interact more without actually touching? Then Paul Kweton's Rocking 2-Gether Chair is a great option. Just place a blanket or pet bed in the bottom section and your little fluffball can hang out and enjoy the sweet sensation of rocking while you sit in the top half, powering the motion.

Entertainment Center/Guinnea Pig Home

Ordinary guinea pig cages leave the critter locked away from the world and are general eyesores. This design by Ikea Hacker Lydia from Hamburg is not only gorgeous, it also helps ensure the guineas have plenty to do and are hard to forget about, making them less of a “pet to be looked at” and more of a part of the family.

Of course, when it comes to pet furniture, the most important thing is that your little critter likes it –even if that means dealing with a hideous pet bed instead of one of these more inspired designs. After all, it’s better to have a comfortable, happy pet than an angry animal who refuses to use the gorgeous pet furniture it is offered.

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20 Wonderful Pieces of Furniture For Pets