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Wave "Hello" to the Flowing Forms of This Stunning Staircase

Here at Homes and Hues, we just can't get enough when it comes to unique staircases -and with good reason considering how generic most stairways are. That's precisely why we found ourselves breathless when we cam across this amazing wooden staircase by Mexican firm Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop.

The sculptural stairway was installed in a custom-designed Mumbai apartment and features continuous, flowing lines that connect many of the highest and lowest steps together. The client wanted a big sculpture in front of their double-height window since it lies in the center of the home, but they also needed a staircase to traverse between the different levels of the apartment, "so we thought of a staircase that would actually be the sculpture," said Patricia Perez of Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop.

The unique, U-shape design isn't just beautiful, it is also functional, with the open wooden slats allowing ample light to traverse through the window and into the apartment itself. Additionally, the first three steps are independant from the rest of the structure, creating bench seating for the residents. 

While the design might not be the safest for homes with kids and elderly residents, it's certainly a striking layout that is more like a work of art than a stairway for the masses -and that's precisely what the client and architect were going for.

Via Dezeen

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Wave "Hello" to the Flowing Forms of This Stunning Staircase
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