A Beautiful Staircase That Floats Above Its Living Space

When we brought you the staircase/desk/storage unit in one, we mentioned that one of the things that made the design so fantastic was the fact that the space under the staircase was made totally functional. Now this elegant floating stairway by Haptic Architects reminds us of that empty space can be just as functional.

That's because these floating steps don't just look fantastic hovering above the living room of the rennovated 19th century Oslo loft where they are installed, they also free up tons of space that would have been lost to a traditional staircase.

In fact, they are about as unobtrusive as you could imagine a staircase between a living room and dining room could be, allowing residents to see clearly from one room to the other. The use of the wooden seating unit as part of the staircase allows the stairs to be moved that much closer to the wall so there is that much less chance of bumping your head on the steps as you cross between the two rooms and the vertical white supports provide secure hand holds on as you make your way up or down the stairs while still obscuring the view as little as possible.

The clever design proves that sometimes function is just as much as what it isn't.

Via Design Taxi

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"A Beautiful Staircase That Floats Above Its Living Space"

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A Beautiful Staircase That Floats Above Its Living Space