A Colander That Won't Take Up Your Whole Cabinet

When you need to drain something, colanders are pretty much the only real option -but they also take up a lot of cabinet space. You can always use a steaming basket, but these can collapse and your food may fall over the sides even if it works well. 

The RMDLO Colander has all the capabilities of a traditional colander, with none of the storage setbacks. That's because the clever design can fold up into a few thin strips of metal that can be easily stuck in a drawer or hung on the wall. The peice can also be set into a pan and used as a steaming basket -rendering those awkward collapsable designs pointless. 

As an added bonus, the opening can be made smaller by squishing the two sides together, making it easier to pour your strained and steamed foods into serving bowls.

The RMDLO gets its name from the crafty armadillo, that has similar banding on its shell. London-based designer Ran Merkazy has spent years perfecting the design after someone in his design school pointed out that if someone could come up with collapsable strainer, “the kitchenware industry will bite their hands off." 

Whoever said that was right. In the 30 days the item was on Kickstarter, it earned almost $100,000. Since the project's funding just ended four days ago, it probably won't end up in shops any time soon, but we can't wait to see the strainer in our kitchen drawers as soon as possible.

Via Fast Co. Design

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A Colander That Won't Take Up Your Whole Cabinet