A Dining Table, Firepit And Grill In One

There's nothing more perfect during a warm summer day than a great meal grilled and enjoyed in the backyard, but while most grills are a means to cook the meat before they are brought to the table, they usually aren't much to look at. The Jag Grill is different in that it provides a stunning center of attention as well as a useful dining table.

The design is large, open and circular so flames can rise through the center, keeping diners warm without singing their eyebrows. Then center of the grill can be left open to enjoy the firepit or fitted with a high-rising cover to cook slow-roasting items. Each of the eight seats has its own grilling station where the diner can prep his or her meat and sides to their own preferences and then pull them off to rest right on their own section of the table.

To make things easy to clean, the grill can be easily disassembled and it features a side door to sweep out all the ashes.

Ultimately, the Jag Grill provides an attractive, innovative grilling solution that can make your barbecues even more social and relaxing. As a bonus, you know you'll never run out of grilling space no matter how many people you invite over.

Via Like Cool

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"A Dining Table, Firepit And Grill In One"

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A Dining Table, Firepit And Grill In One