A Few Angles Make A Big Difference In The North Star Apartments

It doesn't take a mathematician to appriciate the beautiful use of angles in the North Star Apartments of Senec, Slovakia. And these striking lines don't just look pretty -they also serve very functional purposes, maximizing the amount of sunlight the apartments get while minimizing the traffic noise from outside. 

The four-storey building was built on a low budget while incorporating high design principals. "The goal was to enrich this locality and create an iconic, easy to remember and original building, as an opposite to the patchy and chaotic surrounding development," said Tomas Zacek of Nice Architects.

The building's proximity to the town's observatory, along with its precise north-south orientation, inspired the architects to name the structure after the most famous star in the sky.

The ground floor of the structure is reserved for five small shops, while the three upper storeys contain the nine apartments, each of which features one angular balcony that is exposed to the south and designed to reflect the sun's rays into the home. At the same time, the balcony's lower section is enlarged and designed to provide shelter from the loud traffic on the street below. The balcony design also provides a bit of extra privacy from any nosey next door neighbors.

The windows not fitted with these enclosures are instead adorned with Juliette balconies and a small gravel-covered area.

It's a refreshingly design-centric structure certain to brighten up the working class neighborhood where it is situated.

Via Dezeen

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"A Few Angles Make A Big Difference In The North Star Apartments"

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A Few Angles Make A Big Difference In The North Star Apartments