A Stylish Bench and Chess Set In One

There are a lot of benches, tables and other pieces of furniture that incorporate chess boards, but without the pieces, the boards are a bit useless. Some of them may offer storage for the game pieces, but even then, that's valuable storage space that could be used on other knicknacks and the collection still hardly feels like a cohesive set.

The Congo Quares Bench by Atelier Astúa is a different story as the bench offers a self-contained chess set. When you want to use the item as an ordinary bench, it is just that -a bench, with nothing more than a few black, tan and brown squares providing a lovely visual element.

But, when you're ready to play a game, just use the simple mechanism in the bench to release the pieces hiding under the squares outside the chessboard design and you'll quickly have two full armies ready to to fight for a checkmate.

When you've captured your enemy's king (or vice versa), just flip the pieces upside down again and put them back in the bench for later. You can even change the look of the bench by putting the pieces down in different color patterns.

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"A Stylish Bench and Chess Set In One"

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A Stylish Bench and Chess Set In One