A Playground Like You've Never Seen Before

Beside the Volkswagon Factory of Wolfsburg, Germany is an automotive-themed attraction known as Autostadt. The focus of Autostadt is "people, cars, and what moves them," although like the car industry itself, the attraction has recently began focusing on sustainability. That's where the MobiVersum comes in.

Designed by Berlin-based architectural firm J Mayer H. and Universiat Osnabruck professor Renate Zimmer,  the MobiVersum is an immersive playground with a focus on education. The diverse exhibits focus on everything from mobility to cooking all while keeping an eye on living a more sustainable lifestyle.

The wooden structure's design is based on a forest, while the outlines of the shapes are modeled after the famous recycling triangle, all of which is intended to subtly remind visitors of our connection to the environment and what we can do to protect it. But the design is abstract enough to merely stimulate the children's imaginations as they run, crawl, climb, jump and slide across the slides, stairs, ropes, netting and inside the sculptures themselves. 

After their physical play time, kids can go learn more about driving (they can even earn a children's driver's license), attend a cooking school or watch a video about vehicle design.

Via Design Boom

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"A Playground Like You've Never Seen Before"

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A Playground Like You've Never Seen Before