An Indoor Garden That Can Light Up Your Room

There's something simply perfect about the combination of plants and light, like the Living Light we featured previously, perhaps because plants require light for the photosynthesis that allows them to survive or maybe because it helps remind us of the natural light outside where we expect to see greenery. Whatever the reason, having a natural element built into your lighting is a great way to bring some of the great outdoors into your living or office space. 

Dutch designer Roderick Vos created a brilliant space-saving way to incorporate indoor plants into your decor without taking up any extra space by working the greenery into your lighting. The Bucketlight features two attached aluminum planters suspended in the air with two LED lights situated at the bottom of each pot.

The entire contraption is attached to the ceiling with a reinforced electrical cable. Vos designed the creation out of neccessity because the company did not have enough floor space at the office and showroom to incorporate plants into the space.

Don't worry about the water from the planters affecting the lights, they are situated in a separated off compartment. Better still, the Bucketlights can incorporate electrical sockets in the bottom space between the two pots so those without many well-placed outlets can enjoy light, plants and an easily accessable socket all at once.

Via Dezeen

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"An Indoor Garden That Can Light Up Your Room"

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An Indoor Garden That Can Light Up Your Room