Book It: 17 Beautiful Bookcases & Bookshelves

Whether you like to read War and Peace or the Twilight Series, everyone needs a place to store their books. These seventeen bookcases and bookshelves can clear away the cluttery piles of books you may have laying around while adding some extra style to your home.


If you pray to the church of knowledge, then this beautiful bookcase by Duret Younes can serve as your orthodox altar. It was inspired by the design of a Morrocan mosaic known as a zellige, hence the name of this piece, the Zelli.

Three Quad Styles

Designer Nauris Kalinauskas named this series Quad, perhaps for all the four-sided shapes that make up the overall layout of these lovely bookcases. When you look at the design sketches, the three designs almost look like shapes for a stained glass window, only rather than filling each square with a lovely scene composed in glass, you can fill it up with the amazing scenes buried in your favorite books.

Sloped & Slanted

Anthropologie’s Sloped & Slanted Bookcase is a study in line work. In fact, it looks like someone just marked out a series of random lines on a piece of paper and then turned them into a bookcase and that’s precisely makes this piece of furniture look so visually striking –it’s jagged and random looking although it is actually designed with obvious purpose.

Rocky Credenza

While all bookshelves are 3D, Charles Kalpakian of La Chance experimented with the concept of three dimensional shapes when he designed the Rocky Credenza, and the concept really works on both a functional and sculptural level. Your guests won’t be able to keep their eyes off of this chic bookcase loaded with fantastic 3D optical illusions.


These bookshelves combine the simplicity of LEGOs with the mind-bending looks of furniture severely damaged by an earthquake. These modular bookshelves by Swedish designers Smånsk come in small pieces with one leg shorter than the other that can easily be stacked together in wavy-wobbly style.


Ka-Lai Chan’s SheLLf suits its name well as it appears to be growing right out of the wall like a colony of mussels on the side of a pier. Each separate compartment is like its own organism, not quite lined up with the rest but matching in purpose and style.

Trailing Spiral

There are a lot of lovely spiral bookshelves out there these days, but this design by San Diego artist Brianna Kufa really stands out from the crowd. Both the length and grace of the extended spiral and the brushed metal texture make this bookshelf a true work of art.


The knowledge that can be gained from books is immeasurable, so it is only fitting to store them in a bookcase in the shape of the infinity symbol. This massive unit designed by Job Koelewijn is probably too large for most homes, but that too is fitting as no one home could hold the infinite knowledge held in books.

Library Tree Branch

Designer Oliver Dolle’s Library Tree Branch reflects the history of books being made out of trees and lets you store them in a modified version of their original forest home.

Tree of Knowledge

Here’s another take on the books and trees connection, this time by designer Jamie Joseffry. This smaller tree-inspired bookshelf is more reflective of the heart of the tree –the sturdy trunk.

Hand-Carved Trees

If you want a bookcase that really looks like a tree, it’s hard to beat this absolutely beautiful, hand-carved piece by Landers Woodworking. Each bookshelf is one-of-a-kind and just like in nature, no tree will ever look the same.

Five Tier Corner Unit

This piece is not only fantastically industrial, it’s also a fantastic way to take advantage of your corner space. The five-tier pipe by Loft Essentials is a great way to maximize the space in your home without sacrificing style.

Bliss Storyline

Studio Frederik Roije took inspiration from the shapes of sound waves, specifically the sound waves from the word “bliss,” when they created these stylish shelves that are perfectly spaced to hold your favorite novels. While the name indicates that they realized the designs also reflect the ups and downs of a typical storyline, these brilliant shapes could also reflect a generic city skyline, making these a perfect accompaniment to a particularly urban interior design theme.

Hang In There

You might like to hang out with your books, but now your books can hang out with you too –literally. While there aren’t enough spaces to hold an entire book collection in this bookshelf by Etsy seller OldandCold, it can hold all the titles you and your family members are reading right now and each hanging pin can be used as a bookmark to keep your spot while your book hangs around without you

Books On Books

If you’re looking for a bookcase that’s chic, easy and inexpensive, look no further than the Invisible Bookshelf. These beauties are becoming quite popular and it’s no wonder when they look so cool and cost under $15 each.

L Conceal

The L Conceal Shelf, designed by Miron Lior takes the idea of a hidden bookshelf and combines it with a more traditional design to create something that seems truly impossible. Just hide the edges with the cover of any of your books and then get stacking.

Opus Incertum

Like a honeycomb for your house, this stylish bookcase by Sean Yoo will keep your guests buzzing about its fashionable functionality. And while it works great as a bookcase, it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use so you can also use it as a fun storage option outside.

Cicero  once said “A room without books is like a body without a soul,” and that may be true, but remember that a book without a case or shelf to sit on is like a beaver without a dam.

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Book It: 17 Beautiful Bookcases & Bookshelves