CentraLux Changes The Cleaning Game

There's nothing all too ground breaking about a central vacuum system -while they do keep getting more efficient, powerful and better overall, they have been around for years. Other than changing the motor, hose or attachments, there's not much you can do to change the systems.

So when it comes to making something new for the central vacuum system, it took a lot of creativity to improve an already strong design. But CentraLux managed to do just that with the development of their VacPan for rooms without carpeting, which is something few other central vacuums have worked on.

Now you no longer need a dustpan for rooms with hardwood floors, tile or concrete -just sweep any dust and trash over to the VacPan and then use your foot to turn on the in-wall vacuum to suck up all the dirt and other debris. When your floor is clean again, just switch it off. 

The VacPan and the rest of the CentraLux system can be easily installed in new and existing homes with little more than standard pipes and fittings. It's one more step towards the home of the future.

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"CentraLux Changes The Cleaning Game"

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CentraLux Changes The Cleaning Game