Clever Closet Organization Tips to Finally Control the Clutter

Does your closet look like a department store rack after their big Black Friday sale? It doesn't have to. These clever closet organization tips can help you clean up your act and stay that way.

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Empty Everything Out

The first thing you should do when tackling a closet organization project is to pull everything out so you actually know what's in there. Don't just stop with the clothes or linens, pull everything out so your closet is totally empty.

Sort Your Stuff

Next, go through everything in the closet and pull out anything you don't wear anymore (or, if it's a storage closet, remove the things you don't use). All of these items should be sold on eBay donated to charity because if you're not using them, someone else would be happy to.

Move any items that would be better suited to another space and put them away. For example, your Christmas decorations probably don't need to be stored in the hall closet instead of the garage since you only use them once a year.

Other items should be organized according to what they are and be specific. Don't just make a pile of tops and a pile of bottoms. Make a pile of tee shirts, one of sweaters, one of dress shirts, etc.

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While your closet is empty, look at how much space you have. Figure out where space in the closet was being wasted. If you have a double closet, try putting a shelf above each bar and hanging up shorter clothing items on one side of the top rack so you can use the space underneath to stack sweaters.

It might help to draw your closet so you can best visualize where you can fit in extra storage space and whether you should move your current rods and shelves.

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Only Put Out What You Need

If you live somewhere warm all year round, like Southern California, you probably don't have different clothing for summer and winter. But for those who have different wardrobes according to the weather, make a plan for where to store your seasonal clothing when it isn't the right season.

If you have a large enough closet, you might want to organize your clothes by season, hang them on color-coded hangers and rotate them around to the easier-to-access spaces as the year changes. If you don't have much space in your closet, try storing those seasonal ensembles in Space Bags under the bed or in another storage space until you actually need them.

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Give Each Item Its Own Home

Sweaters should never be hung because they can get misshapen that way, so find a place to stack your sweaters. If you have boots and shoes, the boots may need to be stored differently since they are taller. Make sure you have somewhere to hang your ties, scarves, tights, etc.

In a linen closet, boxes are a great way to organize the items that can't be folded and stacked. Be sure to organize items into appropriate boxes and label them.

Keep Track of What You Don't Use

You don't want to clear out your closet only to let it get all cluttered up again. So try putting all of your hangers in the closet backwards. When you wear something, put the hanger back in the regular way. After a year, take out all the clothes with backwards hangers and donate them to charity or resell them. Then turn your hangers around again and start over.

That's the basics of cleaning out your closet and starting the organization progress. Now here are some solution for some of those harder-to-store items.


Don't have the floor space for boots? Try a hanging boot rack like this one or use a skirt hanger with soft clamps to hang them on the rod directly.

Flip Flops

Similarly, if you have a lot of flip flops and don't want them filling up your shoe rack, try making your own flip flop hangers with old wire hangers.

Tees and Underwear

If you don't have enough (or any) drawers for your tees and unmentionables, consider investing in a hanging shoe rack. It's a great way to store your soft items.

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Similarly, you don't have to fold up your jeans. Using a shower hook on your closet rod can let you hang up your jeans and easily identify the right pair you're looking for.

Purses & Belts

S hooks can provide a great way to hang your purses or belts on your closet rod. Alternatively, you might want to invest in a belt hanger that allows you to hang multiple items on one hanger.

Scarves and Tights

Both of these items can be a real nightmare when stored in a drawer. After all, who wants to dig around the drawer looking for the right one to match your outfit? Instead, try tying them to a hanger or attaching them to shower rings attached to a hanger. Now you can just pull the hanger out and look at up to five at once to pick out the one you want.

Missing Socks

Stashing those missing socks away until you feel like pairing them up later is a great way to assure you'll never see them again. This missing socks sign can be hung up in your closet or above your washer so the second you find a lonely sock you can see if its partner is already rounded up so you can put the two away or you can hang it up for later.


There are a lot of jewelry storage ideas out there, but this idea of hanging bracelets and necklaces on bathroom fixtures looks particularly easy, classy and cute.


If you find your closets, counters or drawers covered in makeup bottles, here's a great solution to get them out of your way while keeping them easily accessible. Essentially, all you need to do is frame a magnet sheet and then add magnets to all of your bottles, tubes, compacts, etc. Voila, you now have a unique makeup storage solution your friends will all envy.

Sheet Sets

Rather than stacking matching sets together and hoping they don't get mixed up, store the pillow cases fitted and flat sheets inside one pillow case from the set. This way you'll have everything you need to make the bed in one handy package.

When you're done organizing your closet, here are some great ideas for your kitchen and some wonderful storage ideas that can benefit your whole home.

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Clever Closet Organization Tips to Finally Control the Clutter