13 Cool Pieces of Kids’ Furniture on Etsy

Etsy is a great source for creative and unique furniture you won’t find anywhere else. This is particularly great when it comes to children’s furniture, which benefits greatly from a touch of whimsy that is best captured by homemade creations like those sold on the site. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Pirate Ship Bed

If your youngster loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, he or she will immediately fall in love with this beautiful pirate ship bed by Esty seller TinyTownStudios. The totally custom bed features soft rails, portholes, rope rigging, a wheel, a sail complete with a crow’s nest, cannon balls, a cannon and more. The mast can even be sized according to your specs to make sure it fits in your child’s bedroom while still standing as tall as possible.

The Ship Toy Chest

For a smaller (and much cheaper) nautical addition to your kiddo’s room, consider this ship-shaped toy box by Adamzoriginals. The boat is adorned with rope-styled molding, a wheel, an anchor on the back, and the portals are painted with reflective markings to give the illusion of actual glass.

The Hot Rod Bed

Race car beds are cool, but those who have a soft spot for something a little more old school, this 1930 Ford rat rod bed by Etsy seller KidsCreationBeds is a fun take on an iconic speedster. At the foot of the bed is a small TV with a DVD player and underneath, the bed lights up with red runner lights.

The Ice Cream Truck Bed

For sweethearts with a sweet tooth, KidsCreationBeds’ ice cream truck bed is a fun place for your kid to play around and dream sweet dreams. Like the hot rod, it comes equipped with a TV and DVD player and runner lights. Just make sure he or she doesn’t actually eat any ice cream in the bed.

The Movie Theater Bed

If your kid isn’t big on cars and trucks, KidsCreationBeds also has playhouse beds like this great movie theater design. The bed can be on the roof or on the inside of the house and kids can climb up the ladder in between the top and bottom of the playhouse according to whichever your youngster prefers to spend their time in, or you can use two mattresses and use the design as a classic bunk bed instead.

The Cartoon Home Armoire

KidCreationBeds doesn’t even limit their products to just beds. Here’s a delightful armoire that looks like a squished and stretched dancing cartoon house. It even has built-in shoe cupboards so your child’s entire wardrobe can be stored in this one piece of furniture.

The Tea Cup Dresser

Is your little one obsessed with Alice In Wonderland? Then give him or her a tea party treat worth of the Mad Hatter with this delightful staggered tea cup bookshelf by Etsy seller WoodCurve.

The Cow Ottoman

The key to getting a kid to keep their room clean is to provide them with enough storage spaces to pack their toys away. This cow ottoman by Etsy seller PullomanDesigns is not only a cute storage and seating option, but is also light enough for your kiddo to pull around the house with the attached strap.

The Rocking Motorcycle

We already featured a great AT-AT rocking horse on our geek nurseries article, but if your youngster is less into geeky goodness and more into being a badass biker, he or she will get a kick out of this rocking motorcycle by Etsy seller RockingRides. As the name implies, the seller specializes in these creations, so if you like motorbikes or other styles of cycles, be sure to check out their full store selection.

The Rainbow Dash Rocker

This adorable rocking horse by Etsy seller AppliquetionsByMe isn’t just a generic horsey, but one of the most popular of the loveable My Little Ponies –Rainbow Dash. The adorable design features Rainbow Dash’s iconic rainbow hair, tail, wings and her cutie mark.

Forest Animal Chairs

Kids love to throw tea parties, which means they need chairs for their dolls and toys to sit on, but why limit the attendees to toys when even the chairs can have a personality of their own? This delightful set of forest animal chairs is only one of the many different animal collections Etsy seller ichart has for sale.

The Wooden Wagon Chair

Even cowboys and cowgirls need a place to sit and this wagon wheel chair by Etsy seller WorkHorseFurniture is a addition to any western theme you might have going in your kid’s room. There are even a few different colors and designs on the chair part so the color scheme can match as well.

The Minion Chair

Despicable Me lovers everywhere will get a kick out of this comfy chair featuring one of the movie’s beloved minions. Etsy seller DesignsByMeganAlyss custom upholsters all of these great chairs and can add any expression or eye style your babe prefers.

If you liked this article, don’t miss our roundup of cool Disney-inspired kids rooms and geeky baby nurseries.

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13 Cool Pieces of Kids’ Furniture on Etsy