Customize Your Walls With Ginkgo Acoustic Panels

Design works best when it is versatile, either in function or in style. While the Ginkgo Acoustic Panels by Stone Design don't have much of a function beyond decorating your walls -and, as the name implies, improving the accoustic properties of your home, they do offer a lot of options when it comes to the look and this versatility really lets the viewer's imagination run wild.

The modular designs are meant to evoke natural shapes and colors and their style allows the user control how the end result looks. With a few white and gray panels, your wall will look like it is covered in soft, fluffy clouds with just a touch of condensation. With green and yellow panels laid across the whole wall, the room suddenly looks like it was constructed against a sleeping dragon's side and that, if provoked, he will rise and attack, leaving your whole scaly wall long gone. 

Stone Design took inspiration from the ginkgo tree, which is a symbol of resilience and peace in its native Japan. The fan-shaped leaf is often used in the local art and company logos. 

Via Design Boom

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"Customize Your Walls With Ginkgo Acoustic Panels"

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Customize Your Walls With Ginkgo Acoustic Panels