Don't Let Your Pool Take Up All Your Space -Try Hydrofloors Instead

Pools are an amazing way to beat the heat, but they can also be a massive waste of space -especially when they're located indoors. Up until now though, you haven't had much choice when it comes to maximizing the space where a pool is located. You could cover the pool with a makeshift wooden floor, but these aren't well suited for the moist environment and they often look shoddy and cheap.

Hydrofloors offers a unique alternative that enables you to transform your pool into a simple marble or concrete floor and back again. The floors are sturdy enough to be used as a garage floor and can be designed beautifully enough to make a stunning ballroom floor. As the floor rises up from the ground, the water drains along the cracks along the side of the moving floor.

It's also a great safety option for homes with young children, as you no longer have to worry about kids entering the pool area and possibly falling in. When the kids are ready to swim, you can also increase or decrease the depth of your pool according to your needs at the time -leaving it shallow when children are playing and deep enough for diving when you and your friends want to go for a swim. 

Ultimately, with the right Hydrofloor, it seems like just about every room has space for a swimming pool.

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"Don't Let Your Pool Take Up All Your Space -Try Hydrofloors Instead"

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Don't Let Your Pool Take Up All Your Space -Try Hydrofloors Instead