Don't Try This At Home -7 Terrible Pinterest "Hacks"

You can learn a lot of helpful hints, tricks and hacks on Pinterest, but while there are plenty of great ideas available out there, the site is also loaded with a number of hoaxes, misleading instructions and more.

Leaving A Magic Eraser in Your Toilet Won't Clean It

Everyone would love a way to clean their toilets without scrubbing, but you can bet that if the cleaning industry doesn't offer such a solution that there isn't one out there. (Think about it, that would be a huge seller).

Putting a small square of Magic Eraser in your toilet overnight won't clean those rings and spots, but it will waste your money. If you hate scrubbing your toilet, buy some of those tabs you put in the tank or some Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel -you'll still have to scrub occasionally, but at least you can make it less frequent.

Don't Use Coke to Clean Your Toilet

There are a lot of websites that suggest using Coke in place of traditional cleansers for your toilet because the phosphoric and citric acids will break down any germs in your toilet. The problem? Well, the Mythbusters broke this one down and found it to be bunk, but even if it did work, this cleaning site reminds us that there are cleaners with both phosphoric and citric acids that are drastically cheaper than Coca-Cola.

Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide Isn't a Miracle Pan Cleaner

A popular pin on Pinterest swears that a paste made between baking soda and hydrogen peroxide works as a "miracle" pan cleaner, but the sad truth is that it not only fails as a miracle, but also as a cleaner at all.

A Banana Won't Fix A Scratched DVD

Bananas are great -just not for fixing scratched DVDs or CDs. Again, I've tried this and had no luck, and neither did this blogger.

A Wooden Spoon Won't Stop Your Pan from Boiling Over

Here's one I've tested for myself and can assure you it doesn't work. Wonder How To actually explains the science behind this hack and how putting a wooden spoon over a pot of water about to boil over will only help for a minute before gettin your spoon covered in frothy boiled water in addition to your stove top -and eventually ruining your wooden spoon.

Mountain Dew Won't Make a Camping Lantern

There are so many glow-in-the-dark pin hacks out there. Unfortunately, just about all of them are bogus -especially those suggesting Mountain Dew can be made to glow so bright it can be used as a camping lantern. While there are a few recipes out there, they are all bogus and here is one test proving that the mixture doesn't glow at all.

Borax is Not A Natural Ant Killer

It seems logical that Borax would kill ants if they ate it and that ants might eat something with Borax in it if it also had sugar mixed in. Unfortunately, as this blogger demonstrates, it just won't work. The good news? There are dozens of other great things you can do with Borax.

Remember, just because someone posts a picture and claims it's a brilliant life hack doesn't mean it will actually work or save you any time. If you want some tricks that actually do work, check out this list of surprising cleaning hacks.

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Don't Try This At Home -7 Terrible Pinterest "Hacks"