Dry Off Before You Even Leave Your Shower

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There's nothing quite so shocking to the senses as stepping out of a nice warm shower and being overwhelmed by freezing air. You can try to towel off as quickly as possible, but you'll still be chilly until all of your skin is chilly -and for those who are handicapped, the process can be an even longer freezing, drippy nightmare. 

What's the alternative? How about a body dryer that fits right inside your shower so you can totally dry off before you even open the door or curtain? The Tornado Body Dryer is a gentle way to dry yourself completely without ever reaching for a towel. For those with mobility issues or who are afraid of slipping and hurting themselves, it's particularly useful as the 200 holes that release the air are designed to circulate around your whole body, so you don't even need to turn in circles to completely dry off. It even works for those who use wheelchairs. 

The device not only saves you from cold air and all the effort of toweling, but also from having to wash and dry your smelly towels. In fact, the device even uses 70% less energy than it takes to wash and dry your towels, so it's actually better for the environment. It also helps dry your shower in the process, so you'll have less potential for mold and mildew growing in your shower.

Installing the Tornado is easy. It only weighs nine pounds. And it can be moved from house to house so you aren't stuck having to buy a new one every time you move. 

Because the company that makes these products is backordered, they're even offering a discount and if you have certain medical issues, the item might even be tax deductable.

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"Dry Off Before You Even Leave Your Shower"

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Dry Off Before You Even Leave Your Shower