Enjoy Furniture With A Little Personality By Roberto Giacomucci

Everyone claims they want their decor to say something, but how many people actually go about getting furniture that looks like it's about to tell a joke? Thanks to designer Roberto Giacomucci, now you can spruce up your home with furniture that is more expressive than Kristen Stewart. 

Each piece of Roberto Giacomucci's Neotoi Family series features a different expression, whether it's surprise, happiness, or even, as in the case of the Crocodilia children's dresser, hunger. While the playful designs are something children will love, the minimalist styling and simple lines that make up the furniture's expressions will ensure that adults love the decor just as much -especially when you come home from a hard day and see the smile on your dresser's face.

Like a texted emoticon from a friend, these human-like designs are a great way to brighten up your day; and that's the designer's whole point. Giacomucci explains that these designs are "entities with personality...capable of altering any living space into a happy mood."

You can get your hands on what just might be the world's happiest furniture by visiting Italian furniture store Emporium. They'd make a great accompaniment to the Rocking Seat we featured last week if you're looking to make your home into an adult-friendly playground.

Via Fast Co Design

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Enjoy Furniture With A Little Personality By Roberto Giacomucci