Game in Great Style With Geek Chic

If you're a tabletop gamer, whether you play elaborate board games, card games or miniature games, you've undoubtedly had difficulty finding space for all the components of your game before. Geek Chic aims to solve that problem with geek-friendly tables that are seriously stunning. 

Most of their dinner and coffee tables look like simple, heritage furniture, but with a few flips and folds, the designs are converted into the ultimate gaming tabletop. Each one has some type of quality gaming surface, which the company calls the Game Vault, that offers games and maps a safe, flat, spill-resistant surface. 

Similarly, most of the tables are equipped with a rail system that can be used to attach a variety of accessories to the side of the table, including cup holders, individual writing tables and small drawers to contain your epic dice rolls. This allows players to customize their playing space as neccessary for the specific game in question. Additionally, many of the tables also offer storage spaces for board games, game controllers and card games. 

All of the company's products are custom made in the USA by artisan woodworkers. The tables are available in different woods, different sizes, with different hardware, and many of them come with a variety of leg shapes.

If the company's designs look promising to you, but you happen to be in need of a storage unit instead of a table, don't worry, they make these as well. 

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Game in Great Style With Geek Chic