Giddy Up With Lanzavecchia + Wai's Rocking Seat

Like a rocking horse with style, this beautiful piece of furniture sits accents your living room until you take a seat in the center and start rocking back and forth into a sensation of pure relaxation. If anyone says you're too old for such activities, remind them that grandparents have been enjoying rocking chairs for centuries -yours just happens to look a lot cooler.

Don't want to sit alone? No problem, the designer's Rocking Bench offers two seats and replaces the solo action of a rocking horse for the dual-powered fun of a seesaw. Sure, it might make it harder to watch television, but it's a great way to socialize and focus on conversation and fun rather than external sources of entertainment.

The minimalist rockers are designed with a softly bent metal frame, attached to a wooden rocking base and saddled with a soft, caramel-colored leather saddle.

Via Inthralld

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Giddy Up With Lanzavecchia + Wai's Rocking Seat