The Horizontal Shower Lets You Lie Down and Shower


The Horizontal Shower solves the age old question of combining the relaxing act of taking a hot shower with lying down for a cozy nap. It is, according to German manufacturer Dornbrach, the next step of the evolution in the bathroom and it's easy to see why.

Designed by Sieger Design, with interior design Scienbein + Pier, the Horizontal Shower includes six separate shower heads that produce six different "water bars" over a reclining space. These water jets can be programmed to give a range of water temperature, intensity, and quantity. The user can choose various settings - which Dornbracht has called "choreographies," that's designed to provide balancing, energizing, or de-stressing effects.

The Horizontal Shower comes with a recessed control panel called the eTOOL which allows the user to select his or her own favorite shower experience, as well as an optional handheld shower for a quick, targeted blast.

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"The Horizontal Shower Lets You Lie Down and Shower"

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The Horizontal Shower Lets You Lie Down and Shower