How to Make Your Own Stylish Cardboard Chandelier

There's nothing more impressive than a grand entry or staircase adorned with a crystal chandelier, but just because you have a normal home and can't afford (or fit) a giant chandelier in your home doesn't mean you have to go without one altogether. In fact, if you make your own, it can actually be rather inexpensive to add a little chic touch to your home with nothing more than a light bulb, a lantern kit and a bit of cardboard. 

Etsy has all the directions you need to create your own stylish cardboard chandelier and the instructions are pretty simple as long as you are good at carefully cutting detailed shapes (if you're not, you probably have a crafty friend who can help).

Essentially, you just need to cut the cardboard in your desired shape, paint the pieces, put the lantern kit together string the light through the cardboard and then use similarly painted floral wire to attach the two pieces to the wire.

Of course, you'll need to visit the original site to get the full, more detailed directions and to find patterns for your own light -although you can always try experimenting with your own shapes as well. Best of all, when you're tired of your lamp, you can just disassemble it and make something new that better suits your mood at that point in time.

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How to Make Your Own Stylish Cardboard Chandelier