If Looks Could Kill, This Closet Just Might

Even those who can't stand magic acts can still appreciate the flair and style of those performing it. In fact, any good magician will tell you that a good veneer can even help a mediocre trick seem magnificent, which is why so many of them have such impressive equipment and costumes on stage. With Rafael Morgan's Deadly, Multipurpose Closet, you can finally bring some of the style and thrill of a classic magic act into your bedroom decor. 

The clever closet is based on a classic sword trick magicians have been using for years. Only instead of worrying whether the lovely assistant inside is getting stuck in the gut with swords, you'll just have to worry about what to store in your new piece of furniture and how many swords you'll need to hold up your items.

The black swords can serve either as shelves for your cds, books, shoes or tee shirts or as a closet rod to hang your clothes from. Best of all, you can totally customize where the swords go and how many you use so your closet can be customize according to your storage needs -which is something that those of us without much storage will find pretty magical.

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"If Looks Could Kill, This Closet Just Might"

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If Looks Could Kill, This Closet Just Might