It's Easy to Fall in Love With Big Sur's Fall House

Big Sur is one of the most legendary coastal destinations in California, and if you're going to live just off the coast of one of the country's most naturally stunning locales, you really should make the most out of the unbelievable views. The Fall House by Fougeron Architects does precisely this.

The single family residence is snuggled tightly against a cliff darting up from the Pacific Ocean in an almost impossible-looking configuration that lets it gently dangle off the quickly dropping slope of the cliff. It seems as though standing in the wrong place could trigger the whole hope to plummet down the 250-foot drop onto the small strip of beach below, but the perfectly cantilevered design ensure the structure remains secure despite the harsh environment where it stands.

Everywhere you go in the home, you can see unparalleled views of the forest, beach and ocean that make the home's surroundings so incredible. That's because the exterior walls are largely made of giant glass panels. The home is so transparent throughout that you can even view other rooms without leaving a given space -though privacy in the bedrooms and bathrooms is, thankfully, maintained.

The walls that aren't made from glass are constructed from copper in order to protect the home from too much exposure to direct sunlight, keeping the home cool naturally so the surrounding area will be able to maintain its beauty for years to come.

The design is largely comprised of two separate structures -the first one comprising of the living room and dining room and the second one that rests below that contains the home's three bedrooms and the library/den area. Both zones have their own patios so you can enjoy the natural setting as you feel the crisp ocean breeze sweep across your face.

The home doesn't just look amazing, it also offers natural ventilation by using automated shutters to filter hot air out of the top storey and sucking cooler air in from below.

While all of the rooms provide spectacular views, the view from the master bedroom, the room suspended furthest over the slope, lets you feel almost as though you are hovering over the cliff, viewing the scenery like a bird that has just flown up from the sea below.

Via Design Boom

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"It's Easy to Fall in Love With Big Sur's Fall House"

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It's Easy to Fall in Love With Big Sur's Fall House