Keep That Light A Rollin' With the Marfa Tumbleweed Light

Tumbleweeds might not exactly fit under most people's classification of beauty, which is why you might think a chandelier made from a tumbleweed sounds like something you'd expect to see in a trashy, touristy, cowboy-themed bar and grill. But Jean Landry shows that the ruggedness of the wild west can easily be incorporated into the most civilized home decor with just a little finesse. 

His Marfa Tumbleweed Light consists of little more than a prickly tumbleweed, a light bulb, a hanging wire and a plug. But its simple beauty captures the same attraction that has long fueled America's fascination with the frontier. And this time it's manifested in a way that even the most lily-livered city slicker can enjoy -provided he installs the light with gloves to protect his sensitive hands from the jagged tumbleweed spikes.

The light inside the tumbleweed is protected from the outer shell with a small, industrial-looking cage while the electrical cord wraps around the suspension tether, providing just a splash of color to help coordinate the light with other shades in the room.

The stark, emptiness of the light means it would be perfect for even the most modern home decor while the natural forms make it ideal for anyone seeking to add a touch of organic design to their home. When partnered with traditional western themes like antlers and barbed wire, the chandelier adds a little softness, but when set in a room filled with gentler shapes and softer colors, it can add just a dash of rugged charm to the overall look. In short, the airy, rustic design works quite well with a wide variety of decor themes. 

Via Inthralld

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"Keep That Light A Rollin' With the Marfa Tumbleweed Light"

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Keep That Light A Rollin' With the Marfa Tumbleweed Light