Living in the Trees Doesn't Mean Sacrificing Luxury

We already took a look at the Mirror Cube and how a reflective surface can really make a building hidden in the forrest blend in seamlessly while still providing the resident with a wonderful view and a comfortable place to stay. But while the Mirror Cube was only a hotel room in the trees, Gluck+'s Tower House is a luxurious multi-story home suspended above the trees. 

The Upstate New York vacation home provides an amazing view over the canopy by stacking the bedrooms and bathrooms on top of one another and using them to provide a platform to the living room, kitchen and dining room. The entire side of the living room is covered in windows, providing an amazing view of the rolling forest hills that stretch for miles. When you want to enjoy the view and the sun, just move up onto the rooftop terrace and relax on a patio chair or grill up some tasty steaks without worrying about the trees blocking the airflow and locking you in with the smoke.

While the glass and steel might not seem like they would blend in with the surrounding forrest area, the black-painted glass exterior reflects the surrounding trees and the building's overall shape resembles a tree with sprawling branches above a sturdy trunk.

By making each room its own small suite and the living room the large, center of attention, this vacation home helps promote togetherness by encouraging everyone to meet and relax in the spacious living area.

The forest home is also eco-friendly, incorporating a number of clever design elements to minimize the building's impact on its local surroundings. Most importantly, it stays cool in the summer (and filled with fresh air) by using the sun's own heat to create a vaccum in the stairwell that sucks air through the bedroom windows and out the rooftop door. Additionally, the layout of the home and extensive use of windows means natural light is in sufficient supply throughout the entire day no matter what room of the house you're in. 

Via Design Milk

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"Living in the Trees Doesn't Mean Sacrificing Luxury"

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Living in the Trees Doesn't Mean Sacrificing Luxury