Playing On the Stairs Has Never Been So Fun

As a kid, a long flight of stairs can look like an exciting playground, but up until now, playing on them has been pretty risky. With the three-story musical stairs in London by David Blair Ross and Leander Angerer though, stairs are fun and safe. 

The stairs are a vintage Victorian set with has tennis strings in place of the standard baluster that are strung so tightly they can be used to play music like a harp. The different stair heights provide for a variety of tones, meaning you can make real music with these steps.

While they are fun to play with, they also serve a more practical purpose, making the stairs safer for little ones who might not be able to reach the railing and need something better to grab on to while they go down the stairs and who are liable to slip through traditional staircase balusters if they slip.

They may look cutesy, but there is nothing simple about the project as it involves adding over 1000 holes in the railing and floor at precisely measured distances and stretching out hundreds of feet of tennis string.

Images: Colin Ross

Via Dornob

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"Playing On the Stairs Has Never Been So Fun"

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Playing On the Stairs Has Never Been So Fun